CCIN Conference in Johannesburg – “Cohesive Synergy Against Crime”

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The Civilian Crime Intelligence Network (CCIN) held its conference in Johannesburg at the Military Museum in Saxonwold on Saturday.

Various role players and stakeholders in the public safety sphere were in attendance at the event which featured demonstrations and stunts by ER24 and the Johannesburg Metro Police Department respectively.

MMC for Public Safety in Johannesburg Michael Sun says the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) is working directly with Mayor Herman Mashaba and have decided to share monthly (JMPD) crime stats instead of the annual ones as this is in a bid to create more awareness and to monitor progress.

Watch a demonstration by ‘Vision Tactical Medical Partners’ ER24 enacting how a gunshot victim is transported to the hospital with a chopper:

Vision Tactical’s Green Team Needs Your Help In #KeepingItClean!

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Security Company Vision Tactical’s environmental initiative “the Green Team” engages in cleanup operations around the areas of Houghton, Killarney, Norwood and Rosebank – making it one of the largest community-based environmental campaigns in Johannesburg.

Community groups, schools, businesses, and local governments are able to join the team as volunteers and assist the Green Team in carrying out activities that address local environmental issues.

By facilitating local action, the Green Team brings about much needed environmental change.

However, even good initiatives require assistance.

This is where residents can play their part in a much bigger way and become active citizens.

Since the Green Team was formed, over 20 000 bags have been used to collect rubbish around various areas.

Collection Point 1 – Vision Tactical Head office (49 West Street, Houghton)

The Green Team was established in 2019 as a non-profit, non-government apolitical initiative that unites communities with a common focus to protect the environment.

The team’s footprint might be small, but the mandate is to empower people in communities all over Johannesburg to make a difference to their local environment.

The team collates and shares experiences on various social media platforms so that others can be inspired to take action.

Vision Tactical’s Green Team supports any type of activity which raises awareness, improves the local environment or contributes to solving of an environmental problem and hopes that others will be inspired to do the same.

The Green Team initiative has been put into motion as a result of an incredible collaboration with Freeway Toyota, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, ER24, AL’s Hardware among others – and is associated with the Lower Houghton Residents Association and the Killarney Residents Association.

The Green Team – Keeping it clean…

Call the dedicated line on : 065 1 333 333

Web :

On twitter: @VTacGreenTeam


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Keep Your Vehicle In Check To Ensure Your Safety While Driving In Winter

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Temperatures are dropping across South Africa, signaling that winter has arrived. While most people will ensure they are protected from the cold, they forget about their vehicles. These valuable assets also need some care against the elements at this time of year so that you can reach your destintion safely.

A few tips to consider to keep you safe while driving during the bitterly cold winter months in South Africa:


Car batteries tend to give more problems during winter because of the increased amps are drawn by the starter to crank a cold engine. The last thing you want on a frosty winter’s day is to be stuck with a flat battery!

Here are a few winter checks to ensure your car battery is in good working condition.

Check the water (electrolyte) level to make sure it’s not too low (it must cover the fluid plates). If necessary, top it up with distilled water. Avoid overfilling and clean any spillage.

Keep your car battery clean by wiping the terminals with warm (not hot) soapy water and remove any acid or dirt build-up, which could cause the battery to self-discharge quicker.

Alternator belts. Check the belts for fraying or cracking. A loose alternator belt is a common cause of battery failure.


Always ensure your tyres are in a good condition, and not worn down. Worn tyres are extremely dangerous in all conditions, but this danger can be multiplied in wet, snowy, and icy weather. Check that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, as this will ensure optimal road holding and tyre life.

It is always a good idea to maintain your vehicle’s tyres, not only because the law requires it and you may face stiff penalties if you are stopped and your tyres are found to be unroadworthy, but also to keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

Remember your lights

As the days get shorter, and the nights get longer, many motorists on their work commute drive in darkness. You need to ensure that your car’s headlights are working properly and that you always switch the headlights off when you reach your destination.

Windscreens and wipers

If your car is parked outside overnight, you may have a layer of frost on the windscreen when it gets really cold. Don’t use warm water to clean this layer, as your windscreen may crack.

Avoid using the windscreen sprayers when driving in cold conditions as the water from the reservoir will freeze onto the windscreen, and the wipers will not be able to clear the ice.

Importantly, check the condition of your wiper blades and replace them if needed, and avoid cleaning mud and soil from the windscreen with the wipers as these can scratch the glass.

TIP: If possible, park your car undercover at night to ensure your windscreen remains clear the next morning.

By keeping your battery, tyres, windscreen and wipers in working condition, you and your car should have no worries travelling together this winter, ensuring your safety on the roads!

Accident Scene Safety For Motorists

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An accident scene can be a hectic place with a lot of things going on at once. Accident scenes are often chaotic and difficult to secure with so many people coming and going.

If you find yourself in a collision, there are certain procedures you should follow to ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers, such as:

  • Immediately stopping to assess the extent of damage and possible injury to passengers
  • Reporting the incident to the police within 24 hours and obtaining a reference number
  • Contact your insurance company if applicable
  • Taking down as many details as possible, including: Names, identity numbers, addresses, contact details, registration numbers, vehicle and accident descriptions, tow truck details

Do not, under any circumstances do the following, as it may compromise the accident scene:

  • Do not interfere with evidence
  • Do not take any narcotics or alcohol after the accident
  • Do not admit liability
  • Do not sign any documents presented to you

An accident scene is a driver distraction. Many accidents occur next to accidents scenes where motorists are not attentive to the road ahead and only focused on the emergency activities at the scene.

The following advice is provided to motorists driving near accident scenes:

  • Slow down when you see an accident scene – and if necessary –Stop!
  • Look for changes in the traffic pattern around the accident
  • Look for personnel directing traffic
  • Stop when directed to stop and do so immediately. Do not keep coasting slowly.
  • Proceed through the scene slowly when directed to do so
  • Look for signs indicating what you should do
  • Watch out for emergency services personnel walking around the scene
  • Watch out for emergency vehicles arriving and departing the scene
  • Do not stare at the accident scene or flashing lights while your vehicle is in motion
  • Do not honk your horn. Rest assured, it will not get you through any faster!
  • Do not make sudden movements
  • Do not assume anything. Do only as directed by the police or officials directing traffic
  • Do not disregard the directions of the person directing traffic


Security Tips for Businesses At Closing Time & Month End

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In South Africa or anywhere in the world, you or your employees can fall into a routine as you shut down your business at the end of every day. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re taking all of the precautions you can to help prevent crime especially during month end.

Theft may seem like only a distant possibility, but organized retail crime is on the rise in the country.

Here are some tips from Vision Tactical on how to help keep your business safe when you lock up:

Make Sure All Customers Have Left The Premises

It might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s very important to check that no customers are still inside the building before you close up. You or your employees should check back rooms, stockrooms, and change rooms to ensure no one is left with access to your property after the doors have been locked.

Turn Off Equipment

Before leaving, make sure that you or an employee have done a walkthrough of the business and checked off all items that need to be powered off overnight. This list will include different items depending on your business.

Store Flammables And Combustibles In Secure Locations

In a further attempt to stop any fires, make sure that any flammables or combustibles have been moved away from heating appliances in property storage containers. These containers should also be labelled clearly.

Lock Away Cash Register And Other Valuables

Follow a detailed procedure when handling cash at the end of the night. Some tips for how to handle your cash register and other valuables include taking a different route each time when making nightly deposits, leaving an empty and unlocked cash register, and not leaving cash or valuables in rooms that are accessible by windows or external doors.

Secure All Equipment And Stock

Before leaving for the night, it’s a good idea to move any excess stock to a locked or secure spot in the store.

Turn On Your Security System

And last but not least, you need to ensure your security system is turned on before leaving the premises. Your security system could take a number of forms, as options range from silent alarms to video surveillance.

Vision Tactical prides itself in offering our valued and potential clients a professional and hands on security solution for their businesses.

Contact our office on 084 222 2222 or email for more information.


Reckless Taxi Driver Disregards Rules of the Road – Leaves All Passengers Injured

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On Thursday morning, a fully loaded taxi drove head on in to a tree along West Street in Houghton endangering the lives of the passengers on board and other drivers on the road.

It’s understood that the taxi driver was trying to overtake a vehicle and as he moved in to the oncoming traffic lane a vehicle started to approach around the bend.

The driver then tried to avoid the vehicle and hit a tree head on at full speed, causing serious injuries to almost all of his passengers including a baby who was found shoved underneath a seat.

Various emergency service officials attended to the scene, assessed and treated patients for their injuries and transported them to nearby hospitals for further treatment.

The Johannesburg Emergency Services Fire Department were also called to the scene to remove a passenger with the Jaws of Life.


Back in February this year, the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) operations officers arrested a taxi driver for driving into oncoming traffic on Kelvin Drive and Stiglingh Road in Morningside.

JMPD Chief David Tembe said Twitter that the driver will be charged with reckless and negligent driving.

It however seems that fines and charges are not deterring taxi drivers from driving recklessly, while also being an intimidating force on the roads towards fellow motorists, they drive as if the road belongs to them…

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South Africa’s Bitterly Cold Winter Brings Fire Along With It…

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Emergency personnel have to respond to fires at homes and informal settlements across South Africa.

In the bitterly cold winter weather – the risk of injury from fire significantly increases.

Vision Tactical together with other emergency organisations provide you with tips on how to protect yourself and your home from a possible fire.

In South Africa, a Medical Research Council report estimates that each year 3.2 percent (1 600 000) of the country’s population will suffer from burn injuries, with the vast majority being from poorer communities.

This high incidence is driven by negative impact factors including the influx of people to urban areas, haphazard urban development, overcrowding, inadequate electrification of homes in low-income communities, paraffin and bio-mass fuels used as the primary energy sources, and lack of effective preventative and education programmes.

House Fires as a threat to the Safety of Children

Young children are particularly vulnerable, with death as a result of burn injuries claiming approximately 1 300 young lives each year. This concentration of burn mortality and injury among infants and toddlers occurs more frequently among very young black children below the age of three.

Older children also spend an increasing amount of time with other children, older siblings and adults outside the home. This widening social network exposes them to risks posed by open fires initiated for heating and cooking and managing heating appliances and heated appliances or utensils.”

What can you do to protect yourself and to prevent fires at home?

Accidental fires are just that – an accident. There are however, a number of ways to prevent a fire starting accidentally in your home or business. It starts with having the knowledge of possible causes of fires, and being aware of seemingly harmless objects in your home or business that could ignite and lead to a fire.

Sources of Fire: What are causing these fires?

The most probable sources of a potential fire inside the home could come from any of the following, but is not limited to these few that are mentioned:

Frayed electrical wires on appliances

Burning candles

Heaters/electric blankets

Cigarette/cigar/tobacco pipe embers

Fire places

Gas leaks followed by a spark igniting

Children playing with matches

Burning oil on a stove top

Most of these though would need to be accelerated by another source, for example a roll of toilet tissue near a heater may ignite and start a fire. It is therefore very important to keep the area around any of these potential fire hazards mentioned above clear. Don’t leave any heater/heated appliance or open flame burning while you leave the room.

Synthetic materials are widely used in household furniture. This material is highly flammable and will burn quickly once set alight. Keep open flames or embers away from foam matrasses, stuffed couches, curtains and carpets. These usually also cover a wide surface area and will be the cause of other maybe less flammable objects to catch alight.

Preventing Fire at Home / Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to a fire possibly breaking out in your house:

DO buy a small fire extinguisher from a reputable dealer to keep in your home – note the correct way to use it

DO familiarize yourself with emergency numbers in the event of a fire and medical emergency

DO take note of warnings on selected appliances – do not cover heaters

DO check electrical cables regularly for damage

DON’T leave the room where a candle is burning, heater is on, fire in the fire place is still burning fiercely, oil is on heat atop the stove etc.

DON’T pack personal belongings before leaving the house in the event of a fire

DON’T try and put an oil fire in the kitchen out with water

DON’T open a closed door of a room suspected to be on fire.

DON’T enter a room that is on fire

DON’T re-enter the home once you have exited away from the fire

DO stay low to the ground when exiting a smoke filled room. Smoke will rise and staying low will minimise the potential for inhalation injuries.

DO cover your nose and mouth with a (moist) cloth. This also minimises the inhalation of smoke by breathing through a barrier.

DO exit the burning building as soon and as safely as possible.

DO extinguish cigarettes/Cigars and Pipe Tobacco in the appropriate manor

Unfortunately, having a smoke detector and alarm in each room of the house is not common practice in South Africa but it should be encouraged. These somewhat simple devices are inexpensive and are easy to install. Have them checked and make sure that the batteries are kept charged.

A general rule to follow is to stay as far away from an uncontrolled open flame as possible.

How to respond after a fire:

If someone has been burnt follow the above steps and remove any tight clothing and jewellery.

If someone has inhaled smoke, move them to an area with fresh air.

Not everyone has access to uncontaminated water.

Not everyone has access to running water, especially over a 20 min period.

Call the ambulance service and fire department when there has been a fire or someone has been injured.

Despite there being many aspects of fire safety these are a few basic concepts that can help prevent the start and spread of fires, which can not only cause burns but also severe complications from inhaling the smoke produced by fires, which can cause injury can even death.


Green Team Join Forces With A Group of Volunteers To Clean Up M1

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Vision Tactical’s Green Team were joined by a group of volunteers over the past weekend as they cleaned up the 1st Ave off ramp in to Houghton along the M1 North.

According to the group of volunteers, they wanted to experience first-hand what the Green Team encounters on a daily basis.

“The objectives were to clean up the small island of trees just off the 1st Ave, with a view to training and deploying waste management teams drawn from the Disability Sector.”

The Green Team forms part of Vision Tactical’s environmental and humanitarian efforts to give back to the community.

The initiative hopes to make people aware that looking after the environment will ensure that the environment looks after them.

Call the dedicated line on : 065 1 333 333

Web :

On twitter: @VTacGreenTeam


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Victim Trapped In Storm Water Drain In New Doornfontein, JHB Not Found

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Vision Tactical units along with ER24 responded to an emergency rescue operation in New Doornfontein, south of Johannesburg on Wednesday morning.

JMPD officials and bystanders reportedly heard crying sounds of a baby coming from a storm water drain.

Officials then ascertained that a baby got stuck in the drain along City and Suburban Road.

Emergency services made their way to scene and worked with the Fire Ops officials to rescue the baby.

University of Johannesburg BEMC students were also on scene with extraction equipment.

Unfortunately, after trying to rescue the trapped baby for hours, the mission was called off by officials on scene as they could not locate the victim.

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Political Parties Need To Remove Election Posters With The Same Energy Used To Put It Up

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Vision Tactical’s ‘Green Team’ has made an urgent plea to all political parties to ensure that their election posters are removed across the city in order to prevent a possible litter frenzy.

With thousands of posters still up on light-poles, along bridges and walls across the city, what happens next?

The City of Joburg’s Managers office confirmed to VTac Media that political parties are required to remove posters within 14 days’ (post) elections.

But ‘Green Team’ Co – Founder Yaseen Theba says he hopes political parties have proper plans in place to remove the posters.

“For the sake of restoring an aesthetic appeal to all communities across South Africa I hope that political parties remove the thousands of posters with the SAME energy they used to put it up.”

At the same time, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) said they will be overseeing and monitoring the removal of election posters by various political parties.

Superintendent Wayne Minnaar told VTac Media that they are now awaiting further information from the City of Joburg with regards to the process and protocols of the operation.

The Green Team forms part of Vision Tactical’s environmental and humanitarian effort to give back to the community.

The initiative hopes to make people aware that looking after the environment will ensure that the environment looks after them.


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