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Dear Vision Tactical Member,
Vision Tactical is creating a safer living, working and studying environment by actively patrolling public spaces, neighbourhoods and member properties. As a member, you have access to additional benefits like EMS and ambulance transport from your premises, and our “meet & greet” service.

How it works: 

You can link your Vision Tactical membership as follows: 

  1. Download Namola and sign up
    (if you haven’t yet)
  2. Open Namola and go to Profile > Link Membership
  3. Choose “Vision Tactical”
  4. Enter your mobile number, then submit

You can do this for each member of your household. Vision Tactical will approve the request within a day, and you’ll get a confirmation message and email. 

Once done, you’ll see the Vision Tactical logo on Namola’s SOS screen whenever you’re within our coverage area. 

Some additional benefits of the Namola app: 

  • It works anywhere in South Africa, in any emergency, 24/7. When you’re outside Johannesburg, Namola will assist through their national network of public emergency services, police, metro, neighbourhood watches and armed responders.
  • Family peace-of-mind, by adding loved ones who will receive emergency alerts.
    You can even live-share locations.

Coming soon from Vision Tactical and Namola: GPS panic buttons and safety watches you and your loved ones can use to request assistance from Vision Tactical. A real game- changer when going outside for work or pleasure.

Click here to WATCH a preview. 

Get in touch with for more information or if you need any help. Yours in safety,

Vision Tactical & Namola 

Hijacking and an attempted murder case opened following an incident in Houghton


HOUGHTON – The hijacked vehicle was recovered in Saxonwold shortly after the incident.

A case of hijacking and attempted murder was opened at the Norwood Police Station on 19 November following a shootout on 11th Avenue in Houghton.

A spokesperson for the Norwood Police Station, Captain Elliot Tshivhase said that around noon on 19 November, Trio Team officials were alerted to an incident on 11th Avenue in Houghton where a hijacking had taken place.

“The car was recovered shortly after the incident in Saxonwold. Fortunately, even though shots were fired at the Vision Tactical officers, no one was injured. However, a case of hijacking and attempted murder has been opened. The suspects have not been found but the case is currently under investigation,” said Tshivhase.

Director of Vision Tactical, Yaseen Theba said they were alerted by a member of the public about the four suspects driving a white Jetta who attempted to hijack a white VW Golf on the 11th Avenue bridge in Houghton.

“As our vehicle approached the suspects, they engaged in a shootout,” said Theba. The suspects then allegedly proceeded further down the road and successfully hijacked another vehicle on 11th Avenue, which was later recovered, thanks to Tracker and the Vision Tactical team.

“We want to thank the people who were quick enough to inform us of the incident. We will make every effort to stop these incidents. We regret that no arrests were made.”

For Black Friday, Take This Shopping Safety List Along

When the busiest shopping weekend of the year arrives, if you’ll be joining the millions of shoppers, take some extra precautions to protect yourself, your purchases, and your personal information.

In the store

From fistfights to identity theft, shopping at Black Friday sales brings a few safety risks. Consider these holiday shopping safety tips:

  • Keep your purse close to your body or your wallet in an inside pocket or front pants pocket.
  • Don’t argue or fight over an item.
  • Don’t take your money out until asked to do so.
  • Use only one credit card at a time.
  • Save your receipts and monitor your credit card activity.
  • Ask for help moving and loading large items if needed.
  • If shopping with children, select a central location to meet in case you are separated. Teach kids how to ask a security guard or employee for help if they’re lost.

In the car

With so many people out and about, you may encounter aggressive drivers on the road. Don’t add to the problem. Parking lots can be dangerous too, so be on guard:

  • Be patient when looking for a parking space. Don’t speed up to catch that empty (or soon-to-be empty) spot, and be cautious of other drivers who do.
  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit area.
  • Look around and under your vehicle before approaching it.
  • Store shopping bags out of plain sight, in your trunk if possible.
  • Look for other cars or people, and drive out slowly.

On the Internet

Opting to join Black Friday or Cyber Monday from your couch? You still need to be on the lookout. Stick to retailers you know, and never commit to a deal that seems too good to be true.

Quality of life improving in Gauteng, crime a big concern – survey


Overall, the quality of life in Gauteng is improving, a new survey says. But crime has now surpassed corruption as the biggest concern for the province’s residents, with unemployment close behind it.

The fifth Gauteng City-Region Observatory’s (GCRO) Quality of Life Survey for 2017/2018 was launched at the University of Johannesburg on Tuesday.

Satisfaction with the government, since the last survey in 2015/2016, has improved, and this is true across all spheres of government, the survey shows.

The survey has been conducted every two years since 2009. GCRO executive director Rob Moore explained that the institution operates between government and academia, and is a partnership between the Gauteng government, Wits University and the University of Johannesburg.

He said the GCRO had the “independence and rigour” of the academic world while focusing its efforts on public policy. Gauteng Premier David Makhura, who attended the launch, said the provincial government pays close attention to this survey, and often uses it as a guideline for policy making.

The survey comprised over 28 000 interviews with 250 questions per interview. The interviews were conducted from October 31, 2017 to September 2018.

Not all municipalities doing well

Moore said that 44% of Gauteng residents were satisfied with provincial government’s performance, compared with 39% in the 2015/2016 survey.

“While this might seem low at first glance, the recent increase in satisfaction with provincial government is significant, and this sphere now commands more satisfaction than national government, at 43% satisfaction, and local government, at 38%,” Moore said.

Access to services such as piped water has also remained stable, at over 90% in the last decade. This should be noted in the context of high levels of population and household growth, said Moore.

However, there are discrepancies between municipalities. Ekurhuleni is “doing well” and Johannesburg has improved, albeit marginally, in many service areas, Moore said. But Emfuleni has declined in many respects, specifically in the area of refuse collection, the survey shows.

“Tshwane also seems to be struggling in some areas,” Moore said.

The survey also showed that for the first time in several years, crime is the number one concern of Gauteng residents. This is followed by unemployment, and drug and alcohol abuse. The results differed slightly across race groups, as coloured people reported that drugs were the biggest problem in their communities.

Increased levels of migration

Spatial inequality is also starkly illustrated by the survey, with poorer households still situated on the outskirts of cities. Residents in richer suburbs are more likely to send their children to private schools, the survey shows, and people living in a cluster house in a complex are more likely to report higher satisfaction levels with local government’s performance.

Makhura noted that the top-of-mind concern for residents had changed to crime, from corruption, several years ago. He said the provincial government had instituted several reforms at that time, including opening up its tender processes. But the one issue that stubbornly remains in the top three concerns of citizens in Gauteng is jobs, he said.

Makhura said Gauteng faced a “toxic combination” of economic decline and increased levels of migration into the province.

“There’s no part of the republic where a government is under such pressure to cope with the number of people entering the province,” he said. This meant that the number of informal settlements was increasing alongside increased levels of urbanisation, he said, and the pressure on government to cope with infrastructure provision alone was “huge”.

“Given that toxic combination, we could be doing better. Or, put differently, if government was not doing its best, the decline in services would be more dramatic. Even the small municipalities expect huge numbers to be coming in every year,” said Makhura.

[LISTEN] To Witness Call For Help For Victims of M1 Highway Shooting


The police are on the lookout for five suspects who cornered off and shot at two people in a car on the M1 highway on Monday afternoon.

Eloise* was in her office that overlooks the highway when the incident unfolded. Instead of filming the incident as most witnesses did, she opened her Namola Safety App and requested assistance for the two victims.

“I heard shots from our office on the third floor and when I looked out the window I saw the vehicle and men grabbing a bag from a car,” says Eloise.

Namola Watch responders, Vision Tactical and Riga Rescue, were alerted to the incident and arrived on scene within four minutes of Eloise’s call. While the five suspects got away, the two patients were attended to on scene by Riga Rescue medics and later transported to hospital.

“We were the first responders on scene. Two victims, a driver and a passenger in the back seat had been shot and were in bad condition,” says a responder from Vision Tactical.

The responder continued to say that he thought the victims had been followed from the bank that they had been seen at earlier that day.

“We encourage all South Africans to have Namola on their phones for incidents like this,” says Peter Matthaei, CEO of Namola. “If Eloise hadn’t requested assistance, it may have been a different story for the two victims that were shot.”

Namola, supported by Dialdirect, is available nationwide for FREE. Download

*The Name of the witness has been changed to protect her identity.

Vision Tactical joins the Namola Watch Responder network

Vision Tactical, the innovative South African private security company, has joined Namola’s latest innovation, Namola Watch. Namola Watch allows established Neighbourhood Watch teams to respond to reported incidents in their communities faster than before.

“At Namola we understand that the police are sometimes stretched thin,” says Peter Matthaei, CEO of Namola, the free emergency safety app, supported by Dialdirect Insurance. ”That’s why we launched Namola Watch — to allow community members to help each other, even better and faster than before.”

As well as being a security company, Vision Tactical is also supported by ER24 for medical emergencies Vehicles are equipped with responders to provide medical assistance as well as help combat crime in their community. Vision Tactical also recently joined forces with Tracker SA, assisting with a faster response time on tracking stolen cars.

Vision Tactical decision to join Namola Watch is to ensure that more of Namola’s 215,000 users have access to another source, ensuring help is delivered, fast.

“Vision Tactical is a company that strives to deliver progressive and proactive security to the communities it serves. Namola Watch gives us a platform to deliver this,” said Yaseen Theba, Director of Vision Tactical. “Sharing our resources, to help more members of our community paves the path for a safer South Africa.”

Namola Watch assists organisations tackling crime by providing vital information in an emergency. After a Namola user has requested assistance and a Namola Operator has followed it up with a confirmation call, nearby online Watch Responders are alerted. The Namola user’s emergency information, location and the type of incident is then available to the Namola Watch Responders. Having this information allows responders to cut down their response time as well as be ready to provide the correct assistance.

Theba encourages other crime-fighting organisations to download and sign up to Namola Watch as well as South Africans in his community, who do not have Namola, to download the application.
“Namola is the future to making our communities a safer place to live and for our children to grow up,” says Theba.

Download Namola FREE
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Vision Tactical , Yaseen Theba 064 400 0000 or

Hope springs from tragedy as new support group is formed

Busi Vilakazi

The deaths of the three firefighters Simphiwe Moropana (28), Mduduzi Ndlovu (40) and Khathutshelo Muedi (37) brought the people of Joburg together in mourning.

Hundreds of representatives from private security companies, CPFs, neighbourhood watch groups, emergency medical providers and law enforcement agencies gathered at Ellis Park Arena to honour the fallen heroes.

A convoy of 150 cars, moving from Huddle Park, Linksfield, headed to the arena where the memorial service was held.

George Moraitis from Guardians Security, who is also part of the organising team, said the service was a proper way of paying tribute and giving support to the families. “Last week’s fire was tragic and heartbreaking. Seeing so many individuals from the security industry come together gave us strength, the type of strength we wish to give to the families and colleagues of Joburg Fire,” said Moraitis.

The deaths of the three firefighters resulted in the establishment of a group called Fallen Heroes.

The group offers support to law enforcement and emergency services in times of tragedy.

An emblem was created to honour the firefighters and will be used officially in the future to honour those who die in the line of duty. The three golden stars represent the fallen firefighters, the wings mean working together and the heart  symbolises love.

Yaseen Theba from Vision Tactical said it was wonderful to see how the community supports one another in such a difficult period. “It’s encouraging to know that, no matter which company or department we represent in our daily life, we can stand united in times of crises and tragedy. These firefighters died serving, and for that they are heroes,” said Theba.

Mohammed Modan from Tau Protection Services said they plan to continue to keep the idea of Fallen Heroes group alive.

“We will continue to engage
with the City of Joburg and the departments to work towards a safer Joburg.

“It’s important that the family and colleagues get sustainable support through the structures of the departments. We will plan to continue our support when a tragedy strikes. We don’t need donations. It is all about our presence and to offer support and time.

“The different departments will contribute what they have,” said Modan.

As the families and colleagues left the arena to the Bank of Lisbon building in the Johannesburg CBD for the wreath-laying ceremony, members of the convoy created a guard of honour to salute the #FallenHeroes.

“We salute the fallen heroes. Their sacrifice and dedication will not be forgotten.

“Our sincere and heartfelt condolences to the families, friends and colleagues,” said Theba.

Hundreds join convoy to Joburg CBD in honor of the #FallenHeroes 

Media Release


12th September 2018

Hundreds join convoy to Joburg CBD in honor of the #FallenHeroes 

Johannesburg: Hundreds of representatives from private security companies, CPFs, neighbourhood watch groups and emergency medical providers gathered in Linksfield today to honor the firemen who passed away on the 5th of September 2018 in the Johannesburg CBD fire. Law enforcement agencies also joined the convoy that  left Huddle Park, Linksfield and headed towards the Ellis Park Arena.

“The emergency lights on response vehicles lit up the convey of over 150 vehicles that made me very very emotional” said a resident along the road. 

“Last weeks fire was tragic and heartbreaking, but seeing so many individuals from the security industry come together gives us strength, the type of strength we wish to give the families and colleagues of the #JoburgFire, said George Moraitis from Guardians Security

Families and colleagues of the firemen lead the procession that moved from the arena to a wreath laying ceremony at the burnt building. Members of the convoy created a guard of honor on the route to salute the #FallenHeroes. 

“Its encouraging to know that, no matter which company or department we represent in our daily positions, we can stand united in times of crises and tragedy”, said Mohammed Modan from Tau Protection Services. 

“We will continue to engage with the City of Joburg and the relative departments to work towards a safer Joburg, said Yaseen Theba from Vision Tactical. It’s important that the family and colleagues get sustainable support, and through the structures of the departments we will plan to continue our support, he added

On behalf of CPF Mondeor Precinct , to those that protect and serve our communities, we salute our fallen Heros ,their sacrifice and dedication will not be forgotten. Our Sincere & heartfelt condolences to the families ,friends and colleagues.


For Further info: 


064 400 0000