Friday – 12th March 2017


Vision Tactical has launched Drone capabilities delivering air support to security and emergency services. It is being used by tactical teams and response officers to respond to incidents of crime, search for missing people and monitor traffic around road accidents.

We have identified the use of technology to enhance and improve on traditional methods of responding to emergencies. Vision Tactical currently uses the DJI Phantom 4 drone and the Parrot Bebop Drone, which is controlled by a close ground support package. The success of this advancement is the proactive real-time intelligence it provides during rapidly evolving situations such as shootings, robberies, hijackings, rescue operations and other high-risk missions.

Trials and consultations are ongoing to develop more guidance for how Vision Tactical will use drones more effectively to help keep our clients safe offering an aerial perspective of scenes.

“We remain committed to embracing new technologies to deliver high-quality, cost effective services and protection” – Yaseen Theba, director of Vision Tactical.


Yaseen Theba

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31st January 2017

The Vision Tactical Intervention Unit (VTAC – IU) is an elite element established to provide operational support for the Tactical Units and Armed Response units working to stabilise volatile situations by combating serious and violent crimes.

VTAC – IU is the dedicated command which focuses on keeping people safe and is responsible for a wide range of prevention and intervention functions including violence and harm reduction.

“The unit will render specialised operational support and assistance to The South African Police Service SAPS and other law enforcement with high-risk situations” said Yaseen Theba, Director of Vision Tactical. “Its important that we support our Police Service with the resources we have”, he added.

Members of VTAC – IU are cross-trained in multiple disciplines for safety and security and emergency medical care backed up by ER24.

Vision Tactical is active in Houghton, Killarney, Norwood, Oaklands and surrounding areas. Others areas included Amalgam, Crown Mines and surrounding areas.



Yaseen Theba

Cell 064 400 0000



vtrack-logoThe VTAC Personal Watch App is a smartphone app that turns your mobile phone into the ultimate emergency system. It is linked to our Control Room & Armed Response that sends real-time alerts requesting a range of emergency services.

These emergency services include Armed Response/ nearest SAPS, Medical Assistance by ER24 or the nearest Fire Station

vTrack is a new feature that will notify our control that you are on the move and request to be mentored giving you “Driving Peace of Mind”. Our controllers will have you in sight watching you navigate to your next location. You decide when to share your location with Control Room.

Stay informed about local crime, including details about the incident (e.g. theft, burglary, vandalism), location, and resolution

Any alert will share your location to the Control Room, using GPS co-ordinates

Get the VTAC Personal Watch App for the whole family today and make sure everyone is protected wherever they are.

M1 highway project to be delayed beyond May 2017

JOHANNESBURG – The Johannesburg Roads Agency(JRA) says the construction project on the M1 highway will now be completed later in 2017 and not by May as planned.

The JRA has attributed the delays to geo-technical issues and local labour disputes.

The agency gave a briefing on Thursday on the M1 bridge rehabilitation and traffic implications for the M1, Oxford, Federation and double-decker bridges.

The construction, which started earlier this year, has led to lane restrictions and closures, which have led to significant traffic delays.

JRA’s managing director Sean Phillips says: “We found the ground conditions were worse than expected, so we have had to include additional work for the contractor to do, resulting in the extension of time. There have also been some sporadic labour disputes, but the main cause of the delay is the additional scope of work.”

Vision Tactical is a Proudly SA Company

proudly-saVision Tactical shares a commitment with other Proudly SA members to an uplifting ethos that promotes social and economic change and progress. We strive to make a meaningful contribution to building South Africa’s economy, alleviating unemployment and retaining existing employment opportunities.

As Proudly SA members we encourage our clients and partners to make contributions to economic growth and prosperity in South Africa, thereby increasing employment opportunities and reinforcing national pride

An accolade for work well done

KILLARNEY – The residents’ association wins an award for excellent work done on 4th Street.

The Killarney-Riviera Association, together with members of the community, have made the park on 4th Street desirable.

The new Killarney-Riviera Association was recently honoured by the South African Planning Institute with a National Planning Award for the revamped park situated on 4th street.

The association, together with some members of the community, put their heads and hands together to plant trees, install a netball post, a jungle gym and a sandpit to make the park desirable.

“The award was in recognition of the efforts over the years to improve our public spaces, in particular, our adoption of the municipal park in 4th street,” said Wayne Ford, chairman of the Killarney-Riviera Association.

“The jungle gym and sandpit were paid for with donations received from residents specifically for this purpose, and the netball post was funded with a donation from the Killarney Mall. We are seeking to expand the playground further,” Ford added.

According to the chairman, Nomsa Nene Properties, an estate agency which specialises in the area, sponsored the building of a drinking fountain with a basin for pets and Drew Lindsay, a Johannesburg-based artist, added artwork.

Ward 73 councillor, Mia Snyman praised the association for the award and their hard work to turn the park into a fun space. She said the park was now a calm, beautiful and interesting place for adults to meet, read and relax. “The enthusiasm and commitment have been impeccable. I will make sure that City Parks plays its part to maintain the park.”

Treasurer of the South African Planning Institute, Aurobindo Ogra awards Wayne Ford, chairman of the Killarney-Riviera Association with a planning award for the revamps done at the park on 4th Street.

Ford said they had embarked on a number of projects to ensure that the park remains in excellent condition. These include having a gardener in the park, which is sponsored by Pam Golding Properties and a park ambassador sponsored by Vision Tactical Security who ensures the safety and peace of mind in the park.

“We also hire a street sweeper who cleans the main pedestrian routes in the area five days a week,” said Ford.

“In addition, we are continually in communication with the ward councillors, and with the various municipal departments and the police, to maintain and improve infrastructure and to improve security and the enforcement of the bylaws.”

An app to save your life

Vision Tactical Appby Lethu Nxumalo

HOUGHTON – A security company launches a smartphone app designed to provide a swift service.

Security company, Vision Tactical, has launched a smartphone panic app that turns your phone into an emergency system when in trouble.

The VTAC app, which is linked to the security company’s control room and armed response, is designed to help users in emergency situations to request assistance from emergency services such as armed response, the nearest police station, medical assistance from ER24 and the nearest fire station.

Upon receipt of an emergency request from a user, Vision Tactical identifies the exact location of the user in distress via live GPS tracking and contacts the required respondent.

Acting ER24 Joburg North branch manager, Cornelius Venter, said the app would enable users to receive quick medical help at the press of a button without any time being wasted. He said sometimes during emergencies, it took time to locate patients and the app was the solution.

Yaseen Theba, director at the security company, said it was important to provide their service to their clients wherever they were, and using this technology would provide fast, quality service. “In stressful situations, it’s easy to activate the panic [mode] and let professionals handle all the rest,” said Theba.

“We respond in the areas we patrol in under five minutes.”

Rosebank Killarney Gazette