Part 5 of a thread complimenting @visiontactical
Congratulations to the Vision Tactical leadership for creating this culture of excellence, to the brave personnel who are always present & courteous & to the team that went out of their way. You really are a bunch of superstars.

Part 4 of a thread on #superb #CustomerService
Now, I live in a building that doesn't subscribe to Vision Tactical, which made their response, action, effort, commitment and contribution so much more fantastic.
@Abramjee @AshrafGarda @MbalulaFikile

Part 3 of a thread on #excellentservice
In a time when we as South African's consistently reduce our service expectations daily, whilst still paying more, this was service excellence as well as product excellence.
@Abramjee @AshrafGarda @MbalulaFikile

Part 2 of a thread on #service #excellence
Based on my previous experience in this scenario, and with retail security teams, I wasn't expecting much, to say the least.
Well, was I surprised. Beyond surprised, I was utterly delighted.
@Abramjee @AshrafGarda

A thread on #service #excellence and a #brandwin
To the absolute superstars at Vision Tactical:
I'd like to extend an immense Thank You for your assistance yesterday. There are good "brand" experiences, and there are stellar experiences. Yours was galactic!

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