Car jamming suspects nabbed

With theft out of motor vehicle cases on the rise in Houghton, a recent arrest is said to be a breakthrough. On 17 May just after 2pm, three suspects were arrested as they were just about to cash in on their next victim.

According to Yaseen Theba of Vision Tactical, security officers have been monitoring what could be a syndicate operating in Houghton. “We noticed an increase in cases that were related to theft out of motor vehicles which seemed to be related to car jamming,” shared Theba. With this said, the company increased their patrols and visibility.

On the day the arrest was made, the company’s tactical team saw three well-dressed men who looked suspicious at a filling station. The suspects allegedly approached a victim who had just withdrawn money from an ATM. “They told the victim that the transaction he just made was not complete and he needed to put his card back in the machine,” Theba said.

The suspects then allegedly took the card from the victim, giving the impression that they were inserting it back in the machine, but it seemed to have not been the case. A security guard from Vision Tactical quickly stepped in and asked why they were asking for the victim’s card. An altercation ensued and the victim asked for his card back but the suspects refused. The victim then allegedly hit one of the suspects on the head.

In between all of this, police were called to the scene.

“The flying squad arrived. The suspects’ vehicle was searched and police found jamming devices, credit cards and a Speedpoint machine,” Theba said.

The suspects were arrested. Two were detained at Norwood Police Station and the third is said to be in a hospital under police guard as it is reported that he suffered some injuries to his head.

Trying to get comment from the police proved fruitless as there seemed to be confusion as to which division was handling the matter. Provincial police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said the case was being handled by the Hawks. By the time of publication, Gauteng Hawks spokesperson Captain Carol Mulamu, said their detectives were not in possession of the said docket.

Krejcir planned war to escape prison

Johannesburg – Radovan Krejcir’s most recent escape plot was going to be a “full-on war” against Zonderwater prison, with about 10 assault rifle-wielding thugs meant to storm it and free him.

Planned for March this year, the plot, which would have seen the Czech fugitive transported to a safe house in Mamelodi, near Pretoria, soon after his prison break, was foiled by an undercover police operation, a court has heard.

Meanwhile, Krejcir was allegedly willing to pay about R30 million for a series of “strategic executions” in Mamelodi that would have allowed him to escape the area undetected by distracted police services.

This was revealed on Friday when a member of the Krejcir investigation team, Colonel Bongani Gininda, took the stand to argue against the bail of Sandile Mdumbe, the man who was in charge of a safe house where Krejcir was allegedly going to be taken after the bloody operation.

On Friday, Mdumbe and Zonderwater Correctional Services Officer, Solly Metlae, applied for bail at the Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court after they were arrested last month for their alleged roles in the plot.

However, the prosecution was so insistent that Mdumbe, an alleged career criminal, not receive bail, that the colonel was brought to testify on the intensely violent nature of Krejcir’s newest alleged prison escape plan.

On March 31 this year, a group of at least 9 or 10 men armed with R4 rifles were expected to arrive at Zonderwater prison where the Czech was being held.

Having allegedly been briefed by Metlae on the weaknesses in the prison’s security system, including who was on duty and the number of officers they would need to evade and/or kill, the group were expected to extract Krejcir from his cell.

“It would have been a full-on war,” another member of the investigation team told The Star, who explained that using R4 rifles, rather than handguns or the more compact R5 rifles, meant that the group was clearly planning on multiple kills during the raid.

According to Gininda’s testimony, Krejcir would be taken from the prison to the nearby Pick n Pay in Cullinan, where he would meet with Mdumbe and be taken to a safe house in Mamelodi. From there, an associate of Krejcir was expected to arrive with R5 million to distribute among the group to pay for their assistance and subsequent silence.

However, the State’s charge sheet against Krejcir, Mdumbe and Metlae implies that the entire operation was ultimately going to cost the Czech R30 million.

According to Gininda, after the cash was divided, the group would then conduct “strategic executions” of residents in the area, to ensure that police were too busy and distracted to notice Krejcir being taken further out of the area.

The murderous – and clearly expensive – operation was foiled, however, because of nine Cape Town Police Special Task Force members flown up to Johannesburg to act as undercover hired guns.

Gininda explained that some of the members were trusted enough to be brought in to assist in the escape plot, and it was one of these agents who made audio and video recordings of his interactions with Mdumbe when they met a few days prior to the plot.

According to Gininda, Mdumbe was clearly aware of the plot and was happy to take the agent, accompanied by Metlae, to the safe house.

Mdumbe allegedly told the undercover officer about the division of money, meeting Krejcir and his group at the Pick n Pay, and gave out his cellphone number freely.

However, in the early hours of March 31, the police planned their own takedown operation, and immediately arrested Mdumbe and Metlae, though Gininda admitted there were still three outstanding suspects who allegedly assisted in the plot, one of whom has fled South Africa.

During the bail application, Mdumbe claimed that he believed the agent was someone looking to rent the property and he was not even aware of who Krejcir was. He also said he had only met Metlae a month prior to his arrest. Gininda was quick to point out, however, that Metlae had been working at another prison, the same prison where Mdumbe was being held prior to his parole in 2012, and this was where they had met.

Earlier on Friday, Metlae was given bail of R10 000, with the State opting not to oppose the bail for unknown reasons.

However, Mdumbe’s bail application could not be completed due to a lack of time, and the proceedings were postponed to May 19.

Meanwhile, Krejcir’s own murder trial for the killing of alleged Bedfordview drug kingpin, Sam Issa, is expected to begin on Monday.

Bail bid held up by suspect’s history

Mdumbe’s bail application on Friday proved to be a difficult one after the prosecution aired his criminal history to the courtroom in a bid to stop his release on bail.

It was revealed on Friday he may have assisted in another escape attempt involving a fellow inmate several years ago.

According to investigating officer Colonel Bongani Gininda, Mdumbe had failed to obey the law on numerous occasions:

In 1992, Mdumbe had been convicted of two counts of assault, and as corporal punishment was still in place at the time, he was sentenced to five lashes. That same year, he was involved in a housebreaking in Sunnyside, Pretoria, for which he was sentenced to six lashes, although another Mamelodi case, where he was found in possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition, netted him three years’ imprisonment.

In 2002, he was convicted of another armed robbery, among other charges, including perjury. He ultimately received a 43-year prison sentence. He was released on parole in 2012, though it was only after he was implicated in Krejcir’s escape plan that investigators discovered he may have escaped custody from a case in Newcastle, KZN, and also assisted another suspect in escaping from custody.

Gininda told the court Mdumbe had been implicated in an attempted murder case from February this year while on parole, though the charges were provisionally withdrawn pending further investigation.


Krejcir’s other alleged escape plans

Despite police claiming on record that there had been numerous plots by the Czech fugitive to escape, he has been criminally charged only for the most recent plan – the March 2016 one.

* In October last year, The Star reported how Correctional Services discovered Krejcir’s plan to escape from a female police officer who was to escort him to a doctor’s appointment.

During the trip, he would overpower his handler, escape using a Mercedes-Benz and cross the border into Swaziland. Once in Swaziland, Krejcir would stay at the Royal Swazi Sun in Ezulwini and eventually cross into Mozambique, from where he would have been taken in a chartered plane to Argentina.

* In September last year, The Star’s sister paper, The Sunday Independent, reported how Correctional Services had raided Krejcir’s cell and discovered items expected to be used in an escape attempt. A pistol, ammunition, a knife, a Taser-like object, a pepper-spray gun, screwdriver, steel blades, 10 cellphones, a memory stick and a diary which contained the names of witnesses and investigators in his cases were all seized from his quarters.

The Star

Car with drugs stolen, dealer reports hijacking to Parkview Police

PARKVIEW – After a drug deal went wrong, where the car containing the drugs were stolen, the dealer reported the car stolen to Parkview Police, prompting some stellar police work by the investigating officers.

The Parkview police have been hard at work after a suspicious case of hijacking was opened at their police station recently.

This prompted officers to join hands in investigating the matter, according to Sergeant Iris Phoko, head of Social Crime Prevention at Parkview Police Station.

Upon extensive investigation conducted by Major Sandile Mkhize, it was found that the case which had been reported was false.

“A Nigerian national has been arrested by the police for perjury and defeating the ends of justice,” said Phoko.

She further added how the complainant had falsified that he was hijacked along Greenway and Muirfield Road in the Parkview precinct.

“While investigating, Mkhize found that the complainant had allegedly been conducting a drop-off containing drugs when the deal allegedly went wrong. The guys he was allegedly delivering the drugs to got away with the drugs as well as the car used to drop off the drugs,” explained Phoko.

After discovering the case had been allegedly falsified, the man was detained at the Parkview Police Station for further investigations to take place.

“We are aware of theft out of motor vehicle cases being reported at the station. However, some of these cases are fabricated and falsely reported. We will arrest those who lie to the police and defeat the ends of justice about such cases,” concluded Phoko.

Details: Parkview Police Station 011 486 5000.


Joburg CBD police arrest 126 crime suspects

JOHANNESBURG – Johannesburg Central police arrested 216 people during crime-combating operations from Friday to Sunday morning, Gauteng police said.

The suspects were arrested in the Mondeor, Booysens, Moffatview, Langlaagte, Fairlands, Sophiatown, Brixton, and Johannesburg Central areas, Warrant Officer Xoli Mbele said.

The arrests included five for common robbery, 13 for armed robbery, six for possession of a hijacked motor vehicle, seven for possession of a stolen motor vehicle, two for possession of unlicensed firearms, two for theft out of a motor vehicle, four for rape, seven for housebreaking and theft, six for domestic violence, one for murder, 25 for drunk driving, 31 for possession of drugs, and nine for possession of suspected stolen property.

“The rest of the suspects were arrested for committing other crimes ranging from attempted murder, business burglary, common assault, assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, theft, malicious damage to property, shoplifting, and fraud.”

Most of the suspects would appear in various magistrates’ courts in the Johannesburg area soon, Mbele said.

Africa News Agency


Notorious Rolex gangsters found guilty

Johannesburg – Three suspected members of the infamous Rolex Gang have been found guilty on nine charges of robbery with aggravated circumstances, one of murder and three of attempted murder.

Betha Mphikeleni, Sipho Mabundla and George Mulaudzi were initially suspected of committing 12 robberies over six weeks in 2014 as part of the Rolex Gang, tracking down people who had recently purchased highly valuable items.

However, on Wednesday in the high court sitting in Palm Ridge, Judge Nomonde Mngqibisa found the trio guilty of nine armed robberies and the murder of their accomplice.

Mphikeleni, Mabundla and Mulaudzi were arrested on April 22, 2014 after a dramatic high-speed chase and shootout with police officer Derek Bruce Macintosh.

During the gunfight, the driver of their vehicle, Clifford Ngcobo, was killed, probably by a bullet fired by one of his cohorts.

Judge Mngqibisa said that alongside forensic analysis clearing Macintosh of being responsible for Ngcobo’s death, the fact that the four men had participated in the shootout meant they all knew one of them could be killed. Because of this, she found the trio all guilty of murder dolus eventualis, for indirectly killing Ngcobo through their behaviour.

The 12 armed robberies that formed the basis of the State’s case involved the three men allegedly using various getaway vehicles to rob their suspects, a white BMW, a Mercedes-Benz and a Chevrolet Lumina.

While forensic evidence had connected them to the incidents using the Mercedes and the Lumina, the judge was unconvinced the State had proved the men’s connection to the three robberies involving the BMW.

The three were also found guilty of two charges of malicious damage to property, two counts of unlawful possession of firearms and one of unlawful possession of ammunition.

Sentencing will begin on July 25.


* March 28 to April 22, 2014: Betha Mphikeleni, Sipho Mabundla and George Mulaudzi executed nine armed robberies.

* March 28, 2014: Carine Dorothea Walker is almost killed near Glenvista by suspects – believed to be the same men – wearing balaclavas in a white Mercedes. When she tried to escape, they opened fired at her car.

* April 1, 2014: Laurent Belle-garde is hijacked in Tulisa Park by men with balaclavas.

* April 3, 2014: Tamsin Scheepers and Julian Kruger are robbed near Media City in Sandton.

* April 8, 2014: Yvonne Gutsche is robbed near Baker Street in Rosebank.

* April 10, 2014: Lisa Anne Niemann is robbed near the Mio Palazzo Complex in Sunninghill.

* April 11, 2014: Daniel Stephen is robbed near the Stoneridge Shopping Centre.

* April 17, 2014: Lance O’Leary is robbed near the Tangiers Complex in Oaklands.

* April 22, 2014: Christine Close is robbed in Rivonia Road in Sandown by armed men.

The Star

Most wanted criminal nabbed in Hillbrow

JOBURG – Joint police operation acts on tip-off and foils a planned business robbery in Hillbrow.

Gauteng Department of Community Safety MEC Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane applauded the joint operation conducted by Gauteng Traffic Police, National Crime Intelligence, Gauteng Flying Squad and Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department which led to the arrest of two suspects upon receiving a tip-off from a member of the public about a planned business robbery in Hillbrow.

The law enforcement agencies acted swiftly and spotted a vehicle matching the description in Hillbrow with one male occupant.

After stopping the vehicle and conducting an inspection, the police discovered that the car was reported stolen in the same neighbourhood. According to police, the suspect was then taken to his house where nine AK47 rounds and 20 .303 rifle rounds were recovered.

The suspect voluntarily pointed out his accomplice who resides in Melville where a further 14 9mm rounds were found in his possession.

The suspects were detained at Brixton and Hilbrow police stations, respectively.

They were charged with unlawful possession of ammunition, possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of a fake identity document. The second suspect, who is a most-wanted criminal, was linked to about 20 cases of business robberies and armed robberies in and outside Gauteng.

Police also linked this suspect to bank robberies in Vosloorus and Johannesburg Central, an attempted business robbery and an attempted murder in Bramley.

Nkosi-Malobane said, “I applaud the whistle-blower who assisted in the arrest of the most-wanted suspect for a spate of business robberies in and outside Gauteng. Community intelligence is indeed key in the fight against crime. I am hopeful that the arrest of these two suspects will restore business confidence in the affected areas.”

Nkosi-Malobane also appealed to the criminal justice system not to grant them bail and to ensure that they face the full might of the law. “I also appeal to the citizens of Gauteng to assist law enforcement agencies in rooting out these brazen and callous criminals from our society,” she said.

Man up for murder after shooting intruder

The Polokwane man awoke to find an intruder and an accomplice in his house, trying to rob him.

A Polokwane man is facing a charge of murder after he allegedly tried to protect himself and his property from intruders on Thursday last week.

Westenburg police spokesperson, Captain Mohlaka Mashiane said the man was taking a nap when he was woken by a noise, Capricorn Review reported.

The man went to investigate and found two men in his house, trying to rob him.

“An argument ensued between the resident and intruders and there was a struggle during which one of the intruders was shot and killed.

“The other intruder fled the scene,” Mashiane said.

He said the matter was still being investigated; while no case of attempted robbery has been opened, one of murder was opened.

A neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said there had been several attempted burglaries in the area in recent times, with no one having been apprehended so far.

However, Mashiane said police and community policing forum patrols have been stepped up lately.

– Caxton News Service

Five minute burglary caught on camera in Edenvale

Four burglars broke into a house in Edenvale last week and took under five minutes to steal valuables and electronics.

On CCTV footage of the incident, the men can been seen arriving at the property after 3pm on 20 March in a red Polo.

One of the burglars exits the car and presses the intercom button several times to establish if the owners were home.

When there is no answer, the robber attempts to manually open the electronic gate by tampering with the gate motor.

Eventually the men gained entry of the yard by using a crowbar to lift the gate off its rail

The burglars enter the house and are seen loading the car with television sets and other valuable items.

The men took less than two minutes to take what the needed.

Click here to see the video

Sowetan live


Chaos in vehicle licence renewals

Johannesburg – Motorists have not received notifications that their vehicle licence discs are up for renewal because the department of transport didn’t pay its Post Office bills.

This was revealed in Parliament when the DA’s spokesman on transport, Manny de Freitas, asked minister Dipuo Peters why the licence renewal notices were not being sent out. Peters replied that “the delay is due to non-payment of Post Office outstanding fees”.

How to renew your car’s licence disc

De Freitas said he had received many complaints countrywide about the issuing of vehicle licence renewal notices and he had been trying to get an answer about what the problem was – without success, until the reply in Parliament.

“In the meantime, motorists have received fines for driving with expired licence discs, through no fault of their own,” he said.

Spokesman for the Post Office Khulani Qoma said it was not in a position to comment regarding the road transport authorities “as we are currently engaging the department of transport on these matters”.

The Automobile Association has received numerous queries about what steps motorists can take to resolve this issue and described licensing departments as “chaotic” because of the situation.

“Our experience is that the bulk of motorists who should be receiving licence renewal letters are not,” it said.

The association added that there were unnecessary delays without these renewal reminders, because motorists now had to fill in a green renewal document before their application could be processed.


The Star visited the licensing department in Langlaagte, Johannesburg, to see if there were any delays in getting licence discs due to the lack of notifications sent out.

The department has a car licence drive-through, which is meant to make the process quick and easy.

However, every car we saw driving through was obliged to stop so that the driver could get out and fill in the green renewal forms, making the process far from quick.

The extra paperwork also suited the touts who were hanging around and offering to help motorists fill in the extra documents, at a fee. Many motorists, who had not brought photocopies of their paperwork, had to walk across Main Reef Road and pay for copies of their ID books to be made.

“This is causing a lot of delay,” said one woman, who, after filling in all the forms, was told to go to another building to complete the process.

Another man said his friend had to get his licence renewed but could not come himself because of the extra time it took, so he had offered to come and do it for him.

“I thought the Post Office was on strike, and that’s why we didn’t get the notifications,” the man said.


The AA said the Post Office had informed them that there had been incidents at Post Office branches “where demand for the renewal forms surpassed our supply”.

The AA called for the department of transport to sort out the problem as soon as possible because the excessive delays in renewing vehicle licences could result in a large number of unlicensed cars on the road.

The AA advised motorists to check their licence discs to see when they expire and to take identification and proof of address when going to renew their licence.

Justice Project South Africa chairman Howard Dembovsky said the department of transport needed to pay its bills on time, as it could not expect the public to pay their e-tolls when it itself was behind in its payments.

And they expect motorists to pay their e-tolls.

The Star

New road safety strategy for SA?

Midrand – Minister Dipuo Peters has expressed concern that South African roads are among the most dangerous in the world.

She said the country recorded the highest road death rate of 23.5 per 100 000 people in 2014 when the global average was 17.4 fatalities per 100 000 people.

“Middle-income countries like us record an average of 18.4 fatalities per 100” she said. She was speaking at a national road safety summit at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand on Saturday.

Zero tolerance … yada, yada, yada

Road safety activists and other transport stakeholders had met to deliberate on how they could contribute towards a reduction of road deaths and accidents. Participants from across the country made inputs on how to develop a new, goal-based road safety strategy that embodied the principle of safety system approach. Their inputs would be incorporated into a national road strategy document which Peters would present to Parliament.

As a participant of the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety, South Africa has endorsed the global undertaking to save up to 5 million lives and contribute to preventing up to 50 million serious injuries by 2020,” Peters said.


With the Easter weekend around the corner, Peters issued a stern warning to motorists who did not obey the rules of the road. She said law enforcement would be on high alert for the coming two consecutive long weekends.

The official launch of the Easter season campaign would take place at Menken in Limpopo on March 18.

Weekend crashes included the accident in which two people died, and two were injured in a single car accident on the R513 KwaMhlanga road between Mamelodi and Moloto. In Vanderbijlpark, two Sri Lankan citizens were killed when they were hit by a speeding car on Saturday night.

Retaking driving licences: bad idea

It was alleged that the 26-year-old driver of a new BMW M4 was “travelling at excessive speed” in a 60km/h zone in Vanderbijlpark when he lost control of the car, which overturned, hit a tree, and smashed into the Sri Lankan couple, walking on the pavement, before coming to a rest on the centre island, Sibasa said.

The couple were visiting a friend in South Africa and were walking back from a restaurant to the friend’s home in Vanderbijlpark.

The Star