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Let’s face it, Life forces you into some pretty scary situations & you may not feel comfortable carrying pepper spray, a gun or dealing 10111. But if your smartphone is with, we’re with you!

The VTAC Personal Watch App is a smartphone app that turns your mobile phone into the ultimate emergency system. It is linked to our Control Room & Armed Response that sends real-time alerts requesting a range of emergency services.

These emergency services include Armed Response/ nearest SAPS, Medical Assistance by ER24 or the nearest Fire Station

vtrack-logovTrack is a location based feature that will notify our control that you are on the move and request to be mentored giving you “Driving Peace of Mind”. Our controllers will have you in sight watching you navigate to your next location. You decide when to share your location with Control Room.

Stay informed about local crime, including details about the incident (e.g. theft, burglary, vandalism), location, and resolution

Any alert will share your location to the Control Room, using GPS co-ordinates

Get the VTAC Personal Watch App for the whole family today and make sure everyone is protected wherever they are.

Follow these steps

  • SMS or email confirmation

    Once you receive a SMS or an email from Vision Tactical your details have been validated. You will now have access to the app. Complete your profile including your medical aid details.

  • Add Dependants

    Add family members. (limited to 4 dependants per profile)

  • Depandants

    Dependants can now use their details to download and access the app. Its important that they also complete their profile