November 25 2015 at 07:26pm
By ANA Reporter

Polokwane – A mall in Polokwane was closed on Wednesday after armed robbers shot and killed a security guard near a jewellery store. Two suspects were arrested by police.

Police said a group of armed robbers entered the jewellery store, robbed a client and the shop of an undisclosed amount of cash, and when fleeing the scene, shot a guard who was walking along the mall corridor.

Police spokesperson Captain Ntobeng Phala said: “The suspects came out running from the shop and the guard was on the corridor, walking and when he notice the robbery he attempted to grab one suspect and was shot.”

The guard was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

Phala said they were still verifying the value of the jewellery that was stolen during the heist.

Eyewitnesses said the guard was walking from the shop where he had just bought his lunch when the incident took place. A 2 litre Coke, sliced polony and a loaf of bread could be seen lying close to his body.

Phala said the security officer was not attached to the store but had been contracted to the mall company.

He said two suspects were arrested after they were linked to the crime through surveillance investigations.

“We found them hiding somewhere along the road, it appears their co-suspects left them behind when they fled the scene,” said Phala.

Other suspects allegedly fled in a white Hilux bakkie, but Phala said preliminary investigations showed that the bakkie had a false registration number plate.

Our investigations shows that the registration number was of a BMW, which means that the suspects had a false number plate,” he said.

November 20 2015 at 08:06pm 3935693930
By Kate Morrissey

Johannesburg – Yet another Joburg family has fought back against robbers who gained entry to their property, shooting one of them in the head.

A shoot-out ensued at a Hyde Park home on Thursday afternoon after a man in his forties noticed four men wearing black balaclavas entering his yard.

Police spokesman Warrant Officer Moses Maphakela said the man first saw the intruders trying to open his gate at about 2pm. When they eventually gained entry, he screamed, prompting a second man to emerge from the house.

“The robbers began shooting at the two men, and the second man shot back,” said Maphakela.

“One of the man’s bullets struck one of the robbers in the head. The suspects realised they were in trouble and fled in an Audi A4.”

From Hyde Park, the men drove their accomplice to Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital, dumping him outside before fleeing.

“They just left him there,” said Maphakela.

The wounded robber, a 30-year-old man, died at the hospital. Upon hearing that one of the robbers had been hurt in the crossfire, police had sent officers to every hospital in town to track him down. Police later recovered the getaway car, which had been reported stolen earlier this month.

Maphakela said the passenger side of the car was riddled with bullet holes and blood covered the backseat.

Police also found a 9mm gun which appears to have been dropped by one of the suspects as they fled. Its serial number had been filed off.

The three suspects are still at large, but police have opened cases of attempted robbery and attempted murder and are investigating.

This is not the first time Joburg residents have fought back against would-be robbers.

One afternoon in August, several men tried to rob a home in Kibler Park belonging to a married couple who happened to be police officers.

The couple realised what was happening in time to position themselves, armed, at the front door and a window.

When one of the men came in, he looked straight into the barrel of a gun. As he ran away, the wife shot him in the legs and genitals. His accomplices, who fled, were later apprehended in a botched getaway.

This was just a month after three men broke into a home in Glenvista belonging to a couple in their fifties in the middle of the night.

The intruders were not prepared for the wife who slept with a gun under her pillow. She shot both of the robbers who entered her bedroom. One died at the scene while the other managed to make it to the patio before he, too, died.





JOBURG – As the festive season approaches, consumers are urged to remain vigilant and not fall prey to financial scammers.

Standard Bank has issued tips to consumers on how to avoid being a target for scammers during the festive season.

This advice came from Nitesh Patel, head of customer financial solutions and personal banking at Standard Bank, who highlighted the increasing occurrence of ATM theft.

“ATM theft is one of the most prevalent financial crimes that occur at this time [and] while banks work tirelessly during the festive season to ensure that customer accounts remain safe, consumers must remain vigilant,” he stressed.

Patel cautioned residents to remain informed and alert at all times, adding that this was the most effective way to avoid becoming a victim.

He spoke about the three most common methods used by criminals at ATMs to gain access to people’s cards and pin numbers.

“The three most common forms of ATM crime consumers need to be aware of are card swapping, card skimming and vandalism at ATM machines,” he said.

Patel offered tips which could be used to reduce the chances of falling prey to ATM scammers during the festive season, with the most important one being never to reveal your pin number to anyone or to write it down.

He said only enter your pin when prompted by an ATM machine, and cancel the card immediately should it get lost, stolen or retained by the machine.

“ATM users will always be potential targets for criminals. But by arming yourself with the right information and by exercising extra caution in high-risk situations, you can protect yourself from fraud during the holidays and all year round.”

More tips include:

  •  Shield the keypad with your hand when entering your pin into an ATM
  •  Keep your daily cash withdrawal limit to a minimum
  •  Don’t count or expose your money unnecessarily when depositing
  •  Always be on the lookout for criminals and never accept help from strangers, even if they say they are bank employees or security guards. If someone offers to help you, walk away from the ATM
  •  Only use ATMs in well-lit, high traffic areas; if the lights aren’t working, don’t use that machine
  •  Have your bank card ready and in your hand. Opening your wallet or purse can be time-consuming and provides a potential thief with easier access to your valuables.

179782370November 16 2015 at 09:21pm
By Getrude Makhafola

Johannesburg – Five people have been arrested in connection with a cash-in-transit in Kimberley, Northern Cape, on Monday.

“The incident took place near a local store at Beaconsfield. At this stage, we are still busy with the investigation to determine how many suspects were involved in the cash-in-transit,” said the police’s Lieutenant Olebogeng Tawana.

“Some of the suspects fled the scene with undisclosed amount of cash, and some of the cash boxes with undisclosed amount of cash have been recovered.”

Police confiscated five firearms and two getaway vehicles.

Meanwhile, in Limpopo, three armed men overpowered security guards who had just collected cash from a shopping centre in Hlogotlou on Monday, police said.

“The guards were robbed of a box containing undisclosed amount of cash. The suspects fired shots before fleeing the scene in two vehicles, a Mercedes Benz and a mortuary vehicle. The mortuary vehicle was later found abandoned 30km away from the scene,” said spokesman Lieutenant Malesela Ledwaba. No arrests were made.

November 13 2015 at 06:41pm

Johannesburg – Two police officers were wounded during a shoot-out with robbers in Benoni on Friday morning.

According to Gauteng police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Lungelo Dlamini, the incident happened at about 4am on Thomas and High roads.

“Police officers from Crystal Park were following a truck that was allegedly hijacked in Secunda. The truck was being escorted by two vehicles which began to fire actively at police, a chase and shoot-out then ensued,” Dlamini said.

“The two officers were shot, one in the leg and the other in the shoulder. Both were taken to hospital in a stable condition.”

Dlamini could not confirm what the truck was carrying but said it was found abandoned with its load. “Police are still busy on the scene investigating. Three rifles were recovered; one was hidden in a dustbin. No arrests have been made but we are appealing to anyone with information to come forward,” he said.

Dlamini added that a case of attempted murder and robbery had been opened.

In a separate incident on Monday, a female police officer was shot in the head on Soweto’s Golden Highway while on patrol. “A white BMW X3 with tinted windows was spotted near Eldorado Park.

“Feeling that the vehicle was suspicious, the officers tried to stop the vehicle. This is when two of the occupants in the BMW began shooting at the officers with rifles,” he said.

He said the back window was shattered, and she was the only one injured as she was sitting in the back seat of the vehicle. Dlamini said she was still in a critical condition.

Last week a video emerged of a police officer in Brits, North West, being gunned down. The officer was killed while approaching a vehicle.

North West police spokesman Paul Ramaloko said the fatal shot was not from the white vehicle in the video, but from another car 30m away.

2733289508November 12 2015 at 12:49pm By BOTHO MOLOSANKWE

Johannesburg – A Boksburg woman, her fiancé and former fiancé have all been found guilty of robbing a Vosloorus saleswoman of her jewellery, murdering her and burning her body.

The three distanced themselves from last year’s murder of 23-year-old Nthabiseng Selesho and instead implicated each other in her death.

In other instances, they feigned ignorance with regard to Selesho’s murder on September 4 last year, either not having seen her being killed or not being aware there were plans to kill her.

However, Acting Judge Andre Petersen found that Candice Prevost, Ashley de Villiers and Wayne Williams had planned to rob and kill Selesho.

Judge Petersen also likened the testimonies of the trio to the three Japanese mystic monkeys which embody the principles of see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

“In Western culture, the phrase is often used to refer to persons who deal with impropriety by turning a blind eye,” he said.

The judge said the assertion that the three were so under the influence of drugs that they could not be held responsible for their actions did not apply in this instance.

He said it was surprising they could claim they were not totally lucid on the day of the murder and robbery, yet a year later, they were able to recall exactly what happened, the time, the duration and the sequence in which it did.

“The three acted in common purpose to rob and kill the deceased,” he said.

There was relief in Court 12 at the high court sitting in Palm Ridge when the judge pronounced the three guilty.

Many people in the gallery were wearing T-shirts with Selesho’s face on them.

Among them was her boyfriend, Ketso Monaheng, who has a year-old son with Selesho.

Monaheng said although he was happy with the verdict, there was a point in the trial when he thought the trio would be acquitted.

“That was when the case was being postponed over and over again, and at that point, I thought they would be acquitted. At least this Christmas won’t be the same as last year’s.

“The fact that they have been convicted and we also have a clear picture of what happened that day will make this Christmas better,” Monaheng said.

Selesho’s uncle, Sledge, said it had been a long journey characterised by the many postponements.

Like Monaheng, he said the family were relieved now as they knew what had happened to her.

“Hopefully they will spend a long time in prison.

“I would like to thank everybody – the police, the prosecutor and the judge – everyone who ensured that the proceedings went as quickly as they did.”

The sentencing of the trio is to be handed down on January 20.




Johannesburg – A second person has been arrested in connection with the Rhodes Park horror incident where two men were killed after being drowned and one of the wives raped.

The 22-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday in Yeoville and is expected to make his first appearance at the Joburg Magistrate’s Court on Thursday morning.

He is believed to be part of a 12-man gang that attacked two couples. The men were killed and one of the women raped.

Lieutenant Colonel Lungelo Dlamini of the provincial police said the man faces charges of murder and rape.

This arrest comes a week after the arrest of Zimbabwean Thabo Nkala two weeks ago. Nkala has allegedly confessed to his role in the matter.

He was also taken to the scene of the crime where he allegedly did the pointing out under the watchful eye of the police.

His court case was postponed so that it could be determined if he was in South Africa legally.

Nkala and his co-perpetrators allegedly attacked Zukisa Kela and Sizwe Tyeke who were walking in the park with their partners.

Kela and Tyeke were stripped, beaten and their hands were tied with their own clothes before being thrown into the dam where they drowned.

One of the 12 men raped Kela’s wife, Jabu Mbatha, while another man sexually assaulted Tyeke’s wife.

The group of men is believed to have escaped using a drain at the park.

Dlamini said the hunt was still on for the other 10 men.

November 12 2015 at 09:36am

November 10 2015 at 06:12pm
By Carla Bernardo1632804275

East London – Two suspects were arrested on Tuesday after allegedly robbing a vehicle transporting tobacco in the Eastern Cape, police said.

“East London K9 arrested two suspects, aged 30 and 32, this morning at about 10:30 following the robbery of a tobacco transporting vehicle at Cambridge, East London,” said the province’s police spokesperson Mluleki Mbi.

The two suspects had been caught by policemen, Warrant Officer Pieter Swanepoel and Constable Fredericks.

According to Mbi, Swanepoel and Fredericks had acted on a lead about the robbery of a British American Tobacco vehicle.

Mbi said that the officers “gave chase and arrested the suspects at Scenery Park where a shoot-out between the police and the suspects ensued.”

Following the shoot-out, police recovered tobacco boxes valued at approximately R250,000, as well as a bakkie and a Polo Vivo.

Police would continue to search for the remaining suspects whilst the two arrested were due to appear in the East London Magistrate Court on Thursday.

African News Agency

By Genevieve Quintal, News24COP

Johannesburg – A female sergeant was shot and wounded when the occupants of a BMW opened fire on police patrolling the Golden Highway in Johannesburg on Monday.

“Members of the flying squad were patrolling on the Golden Highway when they saw a suspicious vehicle,” Gauteng police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said.

“When they tried to stop the vehicle, the occupants just opened fire at the police officers.”

There were three police officers in the car. The female officer, who was shot in the upper body, was sitting in the back seat, said Dlamini.

She was rushed to hospital.

The other two officers were not hurt.

Dlamini said the BMW was found abandoned in Thokoza Park, Soweto.

The suspects were still at large.



Johannesburg – A man notorious for orchestrating multiple multimillion-rand bank heists was killed execution-style in Pretoria on Sunday night.

In what appears to have been an assassination plot, Monare Ignatius Selokwane “Junior 13” was gunned down in a drive-by shooting outside his butchery and grill business in Mamelodi at about 9pm.

He was shot several times in the upper body, said Gauteng police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Lungelo Dlamini.

Dlamini could not provide further details on Monday morning, saying only that Selokwane’s bullet-riddled body lay next to his Toyota Hilux after the shooting, and that he was confirmed dead at the scene.

The multimillionaire taxi boss has made headlines over the years, with the police linking him to a string of crimes.

He was expected to appear in the high court in Pretoria next month in connection with the 2012 murder of another man, but Dlamini declined to give details on the case.

For bank robberies alone, Selokwane and others believed to be members of his gang stand accused of robbing banks of over R100 million in the Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal.

The Star has reported that this particular gang used grinders and an assortment of weapons to rob banks around the country of millions.

This included the robbery of R26.8m from a Nelspruit bank in 2003 – the most elaborate bank robbery in the history of South Africa.

Three years after this monumental robbery, the police had only managed to recover R1.5m of the stolen loot.

Meanwhile, Selokwane was also allegedly a prime suspect in the R12m FNB bank robberies which took place in Port Elizabeth late that same year.

Dlamini was unable to confirm if police recovered all the money that was stolen in the bank robberies Selokwane was linked to.

Although the alleged criminal mastermind was arrested on several occasions and was facing a string of charges, he managed to evade conviction.

In 2006, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) was accused of bungling a case after charges against Selokwane and nine others were dropped in a Mpumalanga court.

Apart from separate charges of corruption, the businessman was also accused of stealing cars, falsifying documents and then selling the vehicles.

Throughout his time under the police radar, Selokwane is believed to have been composed during raids at his house as well as during his appearances in court.

In one of the raids at his Kyalami Estate home in 2003, The Star observed that he remained unperturbed, even audaciously offering tea to surprised members of the Asset Forfeiture Unit who swooped on his house.

This was despite the fact that the Asset Forfeiture Unit attached goods worth R6m at Selokwane’s double-storey mansion.

They also raided his parents’ Mamelodi home.

NPA spokesman Luvuyo Mfaku could not comment on Monday morning on Selokwane’s pending cases, saying he needed to first check with the Pretoria office.

Meanwhile, tributes poured in for Selokwane on Facebook, with some social media users hailing him as a hero and others saying he got what he deserved, with comments like: “You live by the gun, you die by the gun.”

His profile was deactivated.

November 9 2015 at 11:42am
By Karishma Dipa