We must now ensure that #CrimeMustFall becomes a reality


The chairperson of the Gauteng Police Board, Andy Mashaile, and   Ambassador Yusuf Abramjee  visited the Poortman family in Pretoria North on Monday evening.

10313093_1002650349769477_782784235593691369_n-238x203Capt Kenneth Poortman was robbed and murdered at the weekend. His wife, Sgt Ann Tina Poortman a police spokesperson, was on duty and went to the scene, not knowing it was the body of her husband.

She told Abramjee what happened and they were devastated.

The family is heartbroken…so are the many colleagues and friends. The nation should be heartbroken. For how long are we going to sit back and watch criminals killing our country? Yes, crime is throwing the future of SA away.

Ann has asked Abramjee & Mashaile to thank the public and police for the many messages of support and assistance. “It makes it slightly easier…”

Funeral arrangements are being finalized and Kenneth is likely to be laid to rest in Bloemfontein. That’s his family hometown.

CXQIbKDUEAAkL4iKenneth posted on FB recently his “boss” was going to go to school soon. The 6-year-old is now fatherless…and so is the other son, aged 8. Criminals have robbed them of their father. How sad!!

Police have arrested a fourth suspect for the robbery and murder. Well done for the swift arrests.

Let’s hope the law comes down hard on the killers.

Abramjee: It’s time for our laws to be changed. A life sentence should mean LIFE- not 25 years. The current jail terms are not deterrents. Drastic times need drastic actions. We must now ensure that #CrimeMustFall becomes a reality…enough is enough!

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