The Polokwane man awoke to find an intruder and an accomplice in his house, trying to rob him.

A Polokwane man is facing a charge of murder after he allegedly tried to protect himself and his property from intruders on Thursday last week.

Westenburg police spokesperson, Captain Mohlaka Mashiane said the man was taking a nap when he was woken by a noise, Capricorn Review reported.

The man went to investigate and found two men in his house, trying to rob him.

“An argument ensued between the resident and intruders and there was a struggle during which one of the intruders was shot and killed.

“The other intruder fled the scene,” Mashiane said.

He said the matter was still being investigated; while no case of attempted robbery has been opened, one of murder was opened.

A neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said there had been several attempted burglaries in the area in recent times, with no one having been apprehended so far.

However, Mashiane said police and community policing forum patrols have been stepped up lately.

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Four burglars broke into a house in Edenvale last week and took under five minutes to steal valuables and electronics.

On CCTV footage of the incident, the men can been seen arriving at the property after 3pm on 20 March in a red Polo.

One of the burglars exits the car and presses the intercom button several times to establish if the owners were home.

When there is no answer, the robber attempts to manually open the electronic gate by tampering with the gate motor.

Eventually the men gained entry of the yard by using a crowbar to lift the gate off its rail

The burglars enter the house and are seen loading the car with television sets and other valuable items.

The men took less than two minutes to take what the needed.

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Johannesburg – Motorists have not received notifications that their vehicle licence discs are up for renewal because the department of transport didn’t pay its Post Office bills.

This was revealed in Parliament when the DA’s spokesman on transport, Manny de Freitas, asked minister Dipuo Peters why the licence renewal notices were not being sent out. Peters replied that “the delay is due to non-payment of Post Office outstanding fees”.

How to renew your car’s licence disc

De Freitas said he had received many complaints countrywide about the issuing of vehicle licence renewal notices and he had been trying to get an answer about what the problem was – without success, until the reply in Parliament.

“In the meantime, motorists have received fines for driving with expired licence discs, through no fault of their own,” he said.

Spokesman for the Post Office Khulani Qoma said it was not in a position to comment regarding the road transport authorities “as we are currently engaging the department of transport on these matters”.

The Automobile Association has received numerous queries about what steps motorists can take to resolve this issue and described licensing departments as “chaotic” because of the situation.

“Our experience is that the bulk of motorists who should be receiving licence renewal letters are not,” it said.

The association added that there were unnecessary delays without these renewal reminders, because motorists now had to fill in a green renewal document before their application could be processed.


The Star visited the licensing department in Langlaagte, Johannesburg, to see if there were any delays in getting licence discs due to the lack of notifications sent out.

The department has a car licence drive-through, which is meant to make the process quick and easy.

However, every car we saw driving through was obliged to stop so that the driver could get out and fill in the green renewal forms, making the process far from quick.

The extra paperwork also suited the touts who were hanging around and offering to help motorists fill in the extra documents, at a fee. Many motorists, who had not brought photocopies of their paperwork, had to walk across Main Reef Road and pay for copies of their ID books to be made.

“This is causing a lot of delay,” said one woman, who, after filling in all the forms, was told to go to another building to complete the process.

Another man said his friend had to get his licence renewed but could not come himself because of the extra time it took, so he had offered to come and do it for him.

“I thought the Post Office was on strike, and that’s why we didn’t get the notifications,” the man said.


The AA said the Post Office had informed them that there had been incidents at Post Office branches “where demand for the renewal forms surpassed our supply”.

The AA called for the department of transport to sort out the problem as soon as possible because the excessive delays in renewing vehicle licences could result in a large number of unlicensed cars on the road.

The AA advised motorists to check their licence discs to see when they expire and to take identification and proof of address when going to renew their licence.

Justice Project South Africa chairman Howard Dembovsky said the department of transport needed to pay its bills on time, as it could not expect the public to pay their e-tolls when it itself was behind in its payments.

And they expect motorists to pay their e-tolls.

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Midrand – Minister Dipuo Peters has expressed concern that South African roads are among the most dangerous in the world.

She said the country recorded the highest road death rate of 23.5 per 100 000 people in 2014 when the global average was 17.4 fatalities per 100 000 people.

“Middle-income countries like us record an average of 18.4 fatalities per 100” she said. She was speaking at a national road safety summit at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand on Saturday.

Zero tolerance … yada, yada, yada

Road safety activists and other transport stakeholders had met to deliberate on how they could contribute towards a reduction of road deaths and accidents. Participants from across the country made inputs on how to develop a new, goal-based road safety strategy that embodied the principle of safety system approach. Their inputs would be incorporated into a national road strategy document which Peters would present to Parliament.

As a participant of the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety, South Africa has endorsed the global undertaking to save up to 5 million lives and contribute to preventing up to 50 million serious injuries by 2020,” Peters said.


With the Easter weekend around the corner, Peters issued a stern warning to motorists who did not obey the rules of the road. She said law enforcement would be on high alert for the coming two consecutive long weekends.

The official launch of the Easter season campaign would take place at Menken in Limpopo on March 18.

Weekend crashes included the accident in which two people died, and two were injured in a single car accident on the R513 KwaMhlanga road between Mamelodi and Moloto. In Vanderbijlpark, two Sri Lankan citizens were killed when they were hit by a speeding car on Saturday night.

Retaking driving licences: bad idea

It was alleged that the 26-year-old driver of a new BMW M4 was “travelling at excessive speed” in a 60km/h zone in Vanderbijlpark when he lost control of the car, which overturned, hit a tree, and smashed into the Sri Lankan couple, walking on the pavement, before coming to a rest on the centre island, Sibasa said.

The couple were visiting a friend in South Africa and were walking back from a restaurant to the friend’s home in Vanderbijlpark.

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JOHANNESBURG – Pikitup workers affiliated to the South African Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu) say they will not return to work this morning despite calls by the union’s national structures and the employer.

The City of Johannesburg says it’s employed third-party contractors at a huge cost to deal with the waste backlog.

Last week, nearly 4,000 workers went on an unprotected strike demanding better salaries and also called for Pikitup boss Amanda Nair’s resignation.

Samwu’s deputy regional secretary Paul Tlhabang said, “Enough is enough. Go back to work. The employer is willing to address this issue.”

The city’s Matshidiso Mfikoe has appealed to striking workers to return to their posts.

“I am hoping that sanity will prevail and people will come back to work.”


JOHANNESBURG – Striking Pikitup workers affiliated to the South African Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu) say they will continue their unprotected strike this morning, despite a threat by management to dismiss those who don’t arrive for work today.

Municipal workers are entering their third day of protests, demanding better salaries for those who earn R6,000 a month.

Some employees who have been going to work have been intimidated and fear for their safety.

Samwu’s Paul Tlhabang believes Pikitup management is not committed to resolving the strike and bosses are in fact running away from their responsibilities.

“On the issue, whether we are inside or outside, the conditions still remain the same and the economic situation is even worse now.”

Rival union Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union’s (Imatu) Keith Swanepoel says its members are not part of the unprotected strike and have been intimidated.

“It’s only good for the community that our members are able to do their work. We would like to see our members doing work that they’re being paid for.”

The City of Johannesburg says Pikitup operations have still not completely recovered from a two week long illegal strike in December and it will therefore take strong action to stop any more unprotected work stoppages.


Hijacking is a crime all too prevalent on South African roads. While much is being done to target organised syndicates marauding our roads, the first and most effective line of defence is awareness.

Most hijackings take place in people’s drive ways, at traffic lights, post offices, outside schools or when vehicles are stopped on the side of the road. More aggressive syndicates will force cars off the road depending on how desperate they are to get their hands on a vehicle.

“Hijackers will often research their victims’ behaviour thoroughly before making their move, and being more streetwise in terms of what to look out for is our first port of recourse,” says Gary Ronald, Head of Public Affairs at the AA.

The following tips are simple ways to ensure you are more prepared in the event of being a hijack target:

Be aware of your surroundings as you approach your house. Often we switch to autopilot, taking the same route day in and day out. Change your route and check your rear-view mirror for strange cars following you. Hijackers may also be waiting for you, so be aware of the different vehicles parked in your area at different times of the day. If you feel threatened, do a drive by and call in for protection. Other precautionary measures such as ensuring that your driveway is well lit and that you have clear lines of communication with your neighbours are simple ways of protecting yourself.

It’s best to practise safe driving as a habit so that it becomes second nature, with awareness of your surroundings being tantamount for your protection. Locking your doors should be as second nature as fastening your seatbelt. Leaving a 3cm gap in your windows is a great precaution against smash and grabs as this reduces the tension and may prevent the glass from breaking. If you are stopping behind another vehicle, leave at least half a vehicle length in front of your vehicle to allow you some manoeuvring space should you need to make an escape.

If you can, try not to drive alone at night and if you are a woman, a great trick is to keep a cap in your boot to wear as a disguise. -Star Motoring

Johannesburg – Lenasia residents are worried about the obstacles thrown on the stretch of the N12 between the Golden Highway and Lenasia, apparently by robbers and hijackers targeting unsuspecting motorists.

The community in the south of Joburg is appealing for more police visibility in the area. Various objects, including rocks, boulders and debris, are being used to block the road.

“When motorist get out of their cars to remove these obstacles, it provides a perfect opportunity for robbers and hijackers. We call for help from authorities,” said community leader Khalil Mohamed yesterday.

How to avoid being hijacked

At the weekend, about 60 residents and members of neighbourhood organisation, Block Watch, offered their vehicles to remove the obstacles.

At the end the clean up, four bakkies and a trailer were filled with rocks. Mohamed, who helped organise the campaign, said they removed objects lined road from the Golden Highway to Samfur Bridge. JMPD spokeswoman Edna Mamonyane said the N12 and the N1 were the hotspots for stone throwers.

A considerable number of hijacking incidents were reported on that stretch of the N12, said Mamonyane.

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