Help from community members for the Berea household members who lost all in fire

Some donations made by the community to help the people that lost everything in the fire.

Killarney Rosebank Gazette

27th June 2017

HOUGHTON – A company rallied together to collect donations for community members who lost everything in a fire.

On Saturday 17 June at 4am a house in Berea on the corner of Tudhope and Primrose Terrace was engulfed in flames. The cause of the fire is still being investigated by Johannesburg Emergency Services.

The house was occupied by 32 people including women and children, some as young as a few months old. The ward councillor and local City of Joburg EMS disaster management representatives arrived at the scene sometime after and found that the victims had lost everything including clothing, money and identification.

Community members offload the donations to be given to those that lost everything in a fire

At 1.30pm, via social media, a call was made to Yusuf Abramjee and Yaseen Theba (Director of Vision Tactical, a Houghton-based company) from #OperationSA to assist with the victim’s immediate needs. Theba arrived to meet with victims of the fire and representatives from Joburg City Council and disaster management at 2pm and together they made an assessment of the immediate needs.

A collection point was set up at a client’s premises in Houghton.

Within two hours, Vision Tactical mobilised their clients to arrange the following:

  • Blankets
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Toiletries and hygiene packs.

Theba explained that the response was overwhelming. Clients dropped off food supplies, blankets, and everything else that was required for the immediate needs of the Berea Fire victims. Three 1- tonne vehicles filled to capacity arrived at 4.30pm at the premises and handed over donations to the councillor and disaster management to be distributed to the residents of the burnt house.

“We will keep in contact with residents and the councillor to continue assessing the damage and needs of the victims of this devastating fire. We thank the generous clients and friends who opened their hearts to assist at this time of need – this is the spirit of Ubuntu,” said Theba.

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