VISION TACTICAL has increased their INTERVENTION UNIT fleet with new SUV vehicles to support the high performance vehicles that will intensify the fight against armed robberies and hijackings and other serious crimes across the city.

These vehicles are adapted to provide exactly what tactical officers need in their role of keeping public safe, crime prevention operations and incidents. The specialised units are equipped and supported with the latest technology, including drones and vehicle tracking, that will ensure that we are able to meet the demands of the community and provide the best possible tools for our frontline officers and emergency medical partners.

“Criminals need to feel the heat and the recent confrontations with criminals is just an indication of things to come”

Time to combine Vision & Action ! #MandelaDay #Mandela100
‪@visiontactical will be participating in a number of events today to mark #MandelaDay2018! Updates from locals schools, hospitals & shelters, let’s make this day the biggest ever! ‬
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We hosted our first Street Store in 2016. I had heard about it on social media, a project that gives clothing to the homeless. The concept allows the homeless to come and shop for their own clothing for free.

We started off as a group of friends and as word spread, many youth organizations got involved and we ended up hosting a really successful event. As a result we decided to host another one in 2018. Youth groups teamed up once again, all with the same vision, to make a difference in people’s lives, to instil humility within ourselves and lead by example for future youth generations.

It started as a group of friends that expanded through the years and together we hope to expand into bigger projects and get as many people involved as we can.

As the project coordinator it humbled me to see the support we had from the  community. It’s not just one person’s efforts but the whole teams that carries this charity project. Each one of us handled this project in the past couple of months and we hope to host another Street Store completely for the pleasure of God, to allow everyone to get involved and make difference in lives that need it

A huge thank you to vision tactical who really went out of their way to make sure this event was a pleasant and safe one. These guys were really something else! We were so pleased and impressed!

Shameema Boots
Project Coordinator


Johannesburg MMC for environment and infrastructure, Nico de Jager, on Wednesday night addressed angry residents after the city implemented load rotation leading to power cuts to thousands of residents. The power cuts have been blamed on a blown transformer at the Sebenza sub-station. SABC reporter NoziNtombi Miya attended the town hall meeting.