Teacher hailed a hero after her quick thinking saved a pupil’s life

A Johannesburg teacher was praised after her quick thinking helped save a pupil, who was unresponsive following an alleged seizure.

Keneilwe Kgosiemang, an educator at Johannesburg Girls Preparatory school, downloaded an App, called Namola in August. The app aims to help citizens connect to emergency services in various dangerous situations. However, Kgosiemang had no idea she would use the App twice, just two weeks apart.

The teacher said she used Namola the first time after she was hijacked outside her Joburg home. On Thursday, two weeks later, one of her grade seven pupils collapsed in class. Kgosiemang saw the child was unresponsive.

Instead of panicking, the educator thought on her feet and pressed the panic button on her phone.

She was connected to a Namola Operator, whom got all the information on the child’s condition. “Ms Kgosiemang told me that the pupil was completely unresponsive after the seizure, her eyes were open but she wasn’t moving. I just knew that I had to find her the fastest help possible,” the Namola operator, who is also a mother of two, said.

The operator managed to get hold of an emergency service nearby and Vision Tactical’s Muhammed arrived on the scene. Only four minutes after Muhammed arrived, ER24 showed up and the child was taken care of.


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