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When the lights go off, criminals come out to play and their prey has reportedly become motorists stuck in traffic.

Like the rest of the country, motorists in the City of Gold are desperate for solutions.

Johannesburg authorities say motorists are increasingly becoming soft targets while sitting in backed-up traffic and when load-shedding hits, the number of smash-and-grab incidents spikes.

Help is being promised though, in the form of officers fanning out across the city to focus on traffic crimes.

Johannesburg mayor, Herman Mashaba says he will now be joining the City of Cape Town, which is currently in court trying to source power outside of Eskom.

“We’re fighting for Eskom not allowing us to buy electricity from the IPPs, what we’re saying is we need as a city to be allowed to really buy electricity and energy from anyone who can supply it reliably and in a cost effective manner.”

There has already been a cash injection to have officers around the M2 highway while it’s under construction, something that has caused a traffic nightmare.

Johannesburg Metro Police Department Chief David Tembe says having officers there costs around R25-million per month.

The City of Joburg plans to deploy 150 more officers during load-shedding.

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In its latest initiative, the City of Joburg will be launching a WhatsApp hotline, where the public will be able to report reckless and negligent drivers.

The platform will be operated and monitored by the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) allowing people to send photos and videos of reckless drivers on the road.

In a statement, the City of Joburg said that the launch of the pilot project is aimed to improve driver behaviour and to ensure road safety is enhanced for all.

“Especially since reckless driving and driving under the influence has been at the top of the monthly transgressions,” the statement read.

However, it was stressed that videos and photos shouldn’t be captured while drivers are busy driving, which is a crime itself.

Instead motorists should stop their vehicles and pull to the side of the road to capture any footage.

Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba is expected to officially launch the hotline and reveal more details about how it would work.

The City’s latest initiative comes at the same time as a push from the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) which wants to introduce strict new drunk driving rules in South Africa.

The RTMC has proposed to the Department of Justice that driving under the influence (DUI), speeding and reckless or negligent driving be reclassified in terms of the Criminal Procedure Act.

This would include changing DUI from a schedule 2 to a schedule 5 offence, which would place drunk driving in the same ‘category’ of crimes as rape and murder.

It also wants arrested drivers to spend at least seven days behind bars before they can be considered for bail.

What do you think of the Whatsapp Hotline? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Armed robberies and hijackings in driveways remain at an unbearable high in many areas, especially around Gauteng.

Criminal activity and in particular hijackings occur on a daily basis.

Vision Tactical believe that it’s imperative for motorists to equip themselves and not fall victim to attacks or hijackings and advises motorists to take precautions.

Here’s 14 Tips To Help You Avoid A Hijacking:

1 When approaching your vehicle, keep your key ready but not visible. Unlock your car when you’re close by.
2 Check the rear seat before getting into your car.
3 A well-maintained car is less likely to break down and leave you vulnerable.
4 Plan your route and let someone know what your route is and when to expect you at your destination.
5 Always check the rear-view mirror to see if you are being followed.
6 Avoid driving with your windows open and keep the doors locked. Put all valuables out of sight.
7 Avoid distractions while driving such as using a cell phone.
8 If you suspect you are being followed, drive to your nearest police station or a busy public area.
9 When approaching a red traffic light, slow down so that you only reach it when it turns green.
10 Make sure your driveway is well lit and clear of shrubbery.
11 If possible, park in a central, well-lit place, preferably with guards on duty.
12 When stopping behind another vehicle, leave half a vehicle length in front so you can make an emergency escape if necessary.
13 Change your routes and your schedule if possible on a regular basis.
14 Make arriving at your destination safer by calling ahead and asking someone to open and close your gate for you.


These are just a few tips motorists can make use of to minimize the risk of being a ‘hijacking victim’.


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“Looking after our environment will ensure that our environment looks after us.” This is a message Vision Tactical’s latest initiative sought to bring to the fore.

Since its launch in January this year, the Vision Tactical Green team has collected and dumped ten thousand bags of litter, rubbish and rubble proving that the initiative’s success grows day by day.

Director of Vision Tactical, Yaseen Theba expressed his satisfaction at the rate and manner in which the VTac Green Team adapted to its surrounds and got down and dirty from the get-go!

“Bringing in a team of passionate individuals to clean up and strive towards litter free surroundings, the operation has created job opportunities for the unemployed and also provide these individuals with a sustainable source of income.”

The Green Team initiative has been put into motion as a result of an incredible collaboration with Freeway Toyota, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, ER24, AL’s Hardware among others and is associated with the Lower Houghton Residents Association and the Killarney Residents Association.

The Green Team – Keeping it clean…

Call the dedicated line on : 065 1 333 333

Web :

On twitter: @VTacGreenTeam


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Yaseen Theba

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In a joint crime prevention operation, The Johannesburg Metro Police Department K-9 Unit together with Vision Tactical and Tracker SA – recovered a number of stolen vehicles over the weekend in Johannesburg.

However, there were no suspects who were apprehended in the operation.

At the same time, JMPD K-9 unit officers also recovered a Hijacked Silver Audi A3.

The vehicle was reportedly hijacked in Braamfontein with a 5 year old child inside.

The car was recovered at Princes Place in Parktown and the child was returned safely to the parents.

Great job done by our JMPD K9 officers who recovered a Hijacked Silver Audi A3.The vehicle was hijacked in…

Gepostet von Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department – JMPD am Freitag, 22. März 2019

Vision Tactical Spokesperson: Yaseen Theba (064 400 0000)

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Capacity shortages have seen Eskom reimplement load shedding, leaving many South Africans in the dark on how to protect themselves.

Maanda Tshifularo, Head of Dialdirect Insurance explains that besides the total inconvenience – when the power goes out, your alarm, electric fences and motorised gates go with it, leaving you and your home in a vulnerable position.

“Most insurance policies stipulate in their contracts that the house alarm must be activated at all times when the home is unoccupied. So, if your house is burgled during a power cut, then, theoretically, your theft-related cover would be moot.”

These are easy to implement tips for those looking to ensure their safety when the lights go out:

Get a few high-wattage solar powered lights for your garden, and a few LED lights for inside. Light is a deterrent to would-be burglars.

Keep your cell phone charged, or invest in a portable phone charger, so that you can still call for help if you need to.

Remember that the Namola emergency app, which has been downloaded more than 250 000 times and is free to all South Africans, can connect you with help – and share your location – in an instant.

If you need to manually open and close your gates when you get home, try to have someone come and meet you at your entrance, or arrange for an escort from your security company.

Use padlocks, burglar bars and deadbolts to provide an extra level of home security that isn’t power-dependent.

Put the proposed load shedding times somewhere handy so that your family will have enough time to prepare for the power outage.

Alarm systems, garage doors and electric gates generally rely on electricity so make sure that these items all have good back-up batteries.

Keep a torch or a solar, battery powered light that is charged beforehand in multiple, easily accessible locations around your home. Be sure to also have plenty of spare batteries.

Your fridge and freezer supplies should be okay without power over night if you do not open and close it repeatedly. If you’re worried about certain food items, prepare an ice-box for these.

If possible, invest in a backup power supply for your house – be it a generator, battery system, solar panels or a combination of these – to keep essential lights, appliances, electric gates and security systems running.

There are also less direct, but equally dangerous consequences of load shedding such as street lights and traffic lights being down at night. This places a greater burden on motorists driving home through load-shedded areas in the dark.

Motorists are encouraged to drive cautiously at all times, but especially so in these poorly illuminated areas.

Treat all inoperative traffic lights as a four-way stop, and when in doubt, yield to oncoming traffic from the right.

Do not assume that all other drivers will stop so exercise extreme vigilance and drive defensively.

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Vision Tactical –

With Eskom load shedding daily, home owners have been urged to test their security systems as a matter of urgency and to pay particular attention to the battery back-up systems during load shedding periods.

The only time it may not function correctly is if there is a technical issue, or the battery power is low.

With the added inconvenience of the lights going out at night due to power cuts, candles and touch-lights are handy alternatives.

Home owners are also advised that it is important that their alarm systems have adequate battery supply and that batteries should be checked regularly.

Alarms should be checked during extended power outages to keep systems running.

Power cuts can affect fire systems and fire control systems, so these also need to be checked regularly. The more frequent use of gas and candles can increase the risk of fire and home fire extinguishers should be on hand.

People are urged to remain vigilant during power cuts and be on the lookout for any suspicious activity and report this to their security company or the police immediately.

Contact Vision Tactical for all security related matters: 084 222 2222

Dear Vision Tactical Member,
Vision Tactical is creating a safer living, working and studying environment by actively patrolling public spaces, neighbourhoods and member properties. As a member, you have access to additional benefits like EMS and ambulance transport from your premises, and our “meet & greet” service.

How it works: 

You can link your Vision Tactical membership as follows: 

  1. Download Namola and sign up
    (if you haven’t yet)
  2. Open Namola and go to Profile > Link Membership
  3. Choose “Vision Tactical”
  4. Enter your mobile number, then submit

You can do this for each member of your household. Vision Tactical will approve the request within a day, and you’ll get a confirmation message and email. 

Once done, you’ll see the Vision Tactical logo on Namola’s SOS screen whenever you’re within our coverage area. 

Some additional benefits of the Namola app: 

  • It works anywhere in South Africa, in any emergency, 24/7. When you’re outside Johannesburg, Namola will assist through their national network of public emergency services, police, metro, neighbourhood watches and armed responders.
  • Family peace-of-mind, by adding loved ones who will receive emergency alerts.
    You can even live-share locations.

Coming soon from Vision Tactical and Namola: GPS panic buttons and safety watches you and your loved ones can use to request assistance from Vision Tactical. A real game- changer when going outside for work or pleasure.

Click here to WATCH a preview. 

Get in touch with for more information or if you need any help. Yours in safety,

Vision Tactical & Namola 

Two trains collided at the Elandsfontein train station in Boksburg on the East Rand on Tuesday.

Vision Tactical responded to the scene, and upon arrival paramedics attended to 20 passengers who suffered minor / severe / moderate injuries.

SAPS / Police are on scene and investigations are ongoing.


Vision Tactical Spokesperson

Yaseen Theba – 064 400 0000

Vincent Cosa is being hailed a hero after he risked his life to rescue a child from the Jukskei River.

In a video clip shared by Yusuf Abramjee, the child is seen atop a pole that stretches across the river. The man slowly makes his way toward the child and later carried him to safety as onlookers cheered.