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Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba handed over the last batch of 115 trucks to the city’s metro police department, City Power, Johannesburg Roads Agency and Joburg Zoo.

So far 346 trucks, valued at R247million have been delivered. The trucks are intended to help officials respond to service delivery issues faster.

“These vehicles are about service delivery in Johannesburg and we are committed to a Johannesburg that works,” said Mashaba.

He made his remarks at the handover ceremony at the Nasrec expo centre.

“We still have a long journey ahead of us. There can be no doubt that the City is moving in the right direction,” said Mashaba.

The mayor was accompanied by member of the mayoral committee (MMC) for corporate and shared services, Ntombi Khumalo, Johannesburg Metro Police Department chief David Tembe, MMC for community development, Nonhlanhla Sifumba and chief operating officer Floyd Brink.

“These new specialised units will ensure that our departments can efficiently and effectively deliver essential services across all our regions,” said Mashaba,

“For example, it means that the delays in responding to power failures, faulty cables and cable thefts, which also endanger our communities, will be attended to timeously and efficiently.

Some of the vehicles will be used to help workers fill potholes and it will now be easier for the city to attend to burst pipes and leaks quicker. It will also assist in preventative scheduled maintenance.

“As we know, potholes have been a cause for daily frustration to our motorists, causing massive damages to vehicles. Consequently, they have caused traffic jams and accidents,” said Mashaba.

“I would like to encourage the officials to look after the new equipment to allow them to perform their many duties better.”

“We are sensitive to the fact that we still have some way to go in our quest to deliver the change we envisage for all our residents,” said the mayor.

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A suspected home intruder managed to escape from another security company on Tuesday morning in Orange Grove.

The handcuffed suspect ran away after being told “not to move”.

Vision Tactical Intervention Units responded to the scene trying to locate the suspect who escaped – when eye witnesses confirmed that the assailant ran in the direction of Louis Botha, central Johannesburg.

Unfortunately, the suspect got away and is currently on the run.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) and relevant authorities were on scene.

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The South African Police Services (SAPS) have urged community members to work closely with the police to fight crime.

The police said in a statement that community policing forums (CPF) play a vital role in combating crime in communities. It added that CPFs have changed the way the police address crime.

According to the statement, CPFs meet regularly with the officers in charge of the local police station and discuss problems and solutions to crime in their area.

“For community policing to be successful, it is important for members of the community to realise and accept that they also have a social and moral obligation to assist and support the SAPS in the fight against crime, and other forms of social disorder. With the support and involvement of the community, the police will be in a position to meet the safety and security needs of the country,” the statement read.

Community organisations and development workers have to cooperate with community policing forums to mobilise community support in the fight against crime. This includes:

  • Identifying crime hot spots and informing the police about problems
  • Reporting any information on wanted suspects and illegal firearms
  • Visiting schools with the SAPS to speak to learners and teachers
  • Running education and awareness campaigns on the community’s role to fight crime
  • Mobilising civil society organisations to become active members of the community police forum
  • Supporting the police in crime prevention initiatives
  • Monitoring police service delivery
  • Providing possible solutions or alternatives to constantly strengthen partnerships and improve service delivery

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Vision Tactical’s Green Team has been doing phenomenal work in Houghton, Norwood, Killarney and surrounds.

The team has been cleaning areas which are plagued with litter and illegal dumping.

Since its inception in the beginning of the year, over twenty thousand bags have been dumped at local depots.

To find out how you can also lend a helping hand contact:


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The Muslim Association of South Africa (MASA) together with community members and individuals from Houghton’s West Street Mosque are conducting #WinterWarmth Operations in poverty stricken and underprivileged areas in the north of Johannesburg.

The Association is an independent Muslim humanitarian non-profit organisation with its firm focus on religious values, educational elevation, social welfare and a charitable culture.

The Houghton community saw the immediate need for assistance required in Hillbrow and implemented plans within a few days as winter temperatures plummeted to below freezing.

MASA’s first distribution took place in Hillbrow on the 21st of July 2019 with individuals from Houghton Mosque and the Al Imdaad foundation working together to hand over blankets and beanies to the destitute and homeless.

The Al Imdaad Foundation’s Qari Ziyaad Patel says humanity is still alive.

“We would like to thank the community of Houghton West Street Masjid and other areas that have come together to make a difference to the people on the street, it’s not all doom and gloom, there’s a lot of hope still left within our communities and societies that they can still spend their time and resources in the bitterly cold conditions.”

On Wednesday evening (25th of July), around fifty individuals from West Street Mosque distributed hot soup and bread to hundreds of people in Hillbrow and the response received was phenomenal.

Private Security company Vision Tactical also lent a helping hand during the distribution by escorting the convoy in and out of Hillbrow whilst also coordinating the distribution.

Director Yaseen Theba says plans are in place to ensure the initiative becomes a long term one.

“This is our way of giving back to those who need it most and as our former and late President Nelson Mandela aptly put it, “Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery & apartheid, it is man-made & can be removed by the actions of human beings.”

Theba adds that the objective is to provide a platform for the community to make meaningful contributions towards social change.

Cash contributions could be made into the following account:

First National Bank (FNB)

Account Number: 62779526725

Branch Code is: 253305


Ref: (Donor Name)

Media Enquiries:

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Residents in Sector 1 of the Norwood policing precinct are encouraged to attend a community policing forum’s (CPF) meeting at the African Pride Conference Room in Melrose Arch on Thursday, the 25th of July

The meeting is scheduled to commence at 18:00 and is expected to address issues in Sector 1 while a new forum is also set to be elected.

Private Security Company Vision Tactical’s Director Yaseen Theba said that it’s important for residents to engage and participate in CPF meetings.

“Residents need to attend so that they can play their part in the campaign to fight crime in the area, it doesn’t help for people not to participate because crime affects us all and this is a chance for them to also play their part and help fight the scourge of crime in the suburbs.”

Theba adds that the objectives of the CPF include the establishment of a partnership between the community, police and private security companies with the aim on improving communication and transparency, joint problem solving and co-operation within the partnership.

Enquiries: Cst Machete / Sector 1 Commander (Tel: 011 483 4600)

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Emergency personnel have to respond to fires at homes and informal settlements across South Africa.

In the bitterly cold winter weather the risk of injury from fire significantly increases.

Magnitude of the Threat of House Fires

In South Africa, a Medical Research Council report estimates that each year 3.2 percent (1 600 000) of the country’s population will suffer from burn injuries, with the vast majority being from poorer communities.

This high incidence is driven by negative impact factors including the influx of people to urban areas, haphazard urban development, overcrowding, inadequate electrification of homes in low-income communities, paraffin and bio-mass fuels used as the primary energy sources, and lack of effective preventative and education programmes

House Fires as a threat to the Safety of Children

Young children are particularly vulnerable, with death as a result of burn injuries claiming approximately 1 300 young lives each year. This concentration of burn mortality and injury among infants and toddlers occurs more frequently among very young black children below the age of three.

Incidents of burn injury thereafter decrease until adolescence when burn mortality rates start to increase once older children become exposed to a wider range of high-risk activities such as cooking and lighting fires for morning and evening meals – both of which are activities common for older children in low-income settings.

What can we do to protect ourselves and to prevent fires at home?

Accidental fires are just that – an accident. There are however, a number of ways to prevent a fire starting accidentally in your home or business. It starts with having the knowledge of possible causes of fires, and being aware of seemingly harmless objects in your home or business that could ignite and lead to a fire.

It is not to say that every aspect of the home / business is a potential fire hazard, but it is advised to maintain a high index of suspicion when it comes to any form of electrical appliance, gas and open heat source being used.

Sources of Fire: What are causing these fires?

The most probable sources of a potential fire inside the home could come from any of the following, but is not limited to these few that are mentioned:

Frayed electrical wires on appliances

Burning candles

Heaters/electric blankets

Cigarette/cigar/tobacco pipe embers

Fire places

Gas leaks followed by a spark igniting

Children playing with matches

Burning oil on a stovetop

Most of these though would need to be accelerated by another source, for example a roll of toilet tissue near a heater grill may ignite and start a fire. It is therefore very important to keep the area around any of these potential fire hazards mentioned above clear. Don’t leave any heater/heated appliance or open flame burning while you leave the room.

Preventing Fire at Home / Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to a fire possibly breaking out in your house:

DO buy a small fire extinguisher from a reputable dealer to keep in your home – note the correct way to use it

DO familiarize yourself with emergency numbers in the event of a fire and medical emergency

DO take note of warnings on selected appliances – do not cover heaters

DO check electrical cables regularly for damage

DON’T leave the room where a candle is burning, heater is on, fire in the fire place is still burning fiercely, oil is on heat atop the stove etc.

DON’T pack personal belongings before leaving the house in the event of a fire

DON’T try and put an oil fire in the kitchen out with water

DON’T open a closed door of a room suspected to be on fire.

DON’T enter a room that is on fire

DON’T re-enter the home once you have exited away from the fire

DO stay low to the ground when exiting a smoke filled room. Smoke will rise and staying low will minimise the potential for inhalation injuries.

DO cover your nose and mouth with a (moist) cloth. This also minimises the inhalation of smoke by breathing through a barrier.

DO exit the burning building as soon and as safely as possible.

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Nelson Mandela International Day has enjoyed 10 years of global support and solidarity since it was launched in 2009.

This year the Nelson Mandela Foundation has launched a new Mandela Day strategy, titled: Mandela Day: The Next Chapter, to mark the tenth anniversary of the initiative.

In the next 10 years, the foundation hopes to mobilise people, governments, civil society and corporates to focus on these 5 areas: education and literacy, food and nutrition, shelter, sanitation and active citizenship.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation’s Sello Hatang has called on people to reflect on what could be done beyond 67 minutes.

“We want them to focus their minds on what needs to be done in the future and that it’s not enough for the rich and privileged to come out just for a day and then they feel good and leave those who still need to fend for themselves.”

Vision Tactical strives to make everyday a Mandela Day by not only protecting our communities, but in giving back in more ways than one, and the Green team is one such initiative.

In giving back to the community on a daily basis, the Green Team hopes to inspire fellow South Africans to keep the environment in its cleanest and most natural state.

Founder Yaseen Theba says all South Africans need to come together, join hands and assist in helping those who need it most.

“We need to have a plan of action to ensure Madiba’s legacy is carried through future generations, this will ensure that the vision Madiba had for his beloved country can be realized.”

Theba adds that Madiba Day is celebrated to remind each and every person of the possibilities which exist when people unite.

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Private security company Vision Tactical attended the inaugural private security indaba hosted by PSIRA, the two day event took place at the Emperors Palace Conference Centre.

The event highlighted the growth of the private security industry across the globe, with a deeper focus on South Africa.

Police Minister Bheki Cele delivered the keynote address, emphasizing the need for the South African Police Service and private security companies to bridge the gap with each other in order to ensure South Africa becomes a safer place.

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Robberies are one of those things that you often hear about on TV and via WhatsApp messages – but believe, deep down, will never happen to you.

However, this has changed, every day we hear of people who have recently been robbed, often in broad daylight.

Some of these incidents include a young woman robbed while leaving a shopping mall, a man robbed while getting into his car outside his home and two women robbed while taking a peaceful jog – just to mention a few.

Getting robbed is something one does not prepare for. There are however precautions one can take to help decrease the chances of becoming a victim of such unfortunate incidents.

With an increase in armed robbery cases in the north of Johannesburg in recent weeks, Vision Tactical Director Yaseen Theba outlined important tips on how to diminish the odds of becoming a target for brazen criminals:

  • Firstly, people should avoid walking alone, rather walk in a group. Suspects are more likely to target individuals walking alone, than a group.
  • We cannot stress this enough, avoid wearing expensive clothes and/or jewellery as they attract potential suspects or muggers.
  • If you are approached by someone who is behaving suspiciously, do not stop to fight or argue. Run as fast as you can and make as much noise as possible.
  • If you are robbed, defending yourself if you have the skills or a weapon. Pepper spray can be an effective hindrance and can be easily carried.
  • However, if you are robbed at gunpoint, keep calm and give the criminal whatever they want.

Theba adds that robberies can happen anywhere at any time. Knowing what thieves look for when they choose their victims, and what you can do to make yourself less of a target, can help you avoid becoming a victim yourself.

Individuals traveling from areas which have recently become crime hotspots are urged to remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings at all times and are also encouraged to travel in groups rather than alone.

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