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Private Security Company Vision Tactical’s enviro-initiative joined forces with the Miles of Smiles Organisation to plant ‘evertrees’ at the James and Ethel Grey Park in Melrose, Johannesburg on Sunday.

Plantations of trees is important as they improve the life and fulfill essential needs of those who depend on the environment.

Moreover, trees support life by providing habitat to different species of animals.

The initiative also aimed to raise awareness about sustainable ways to dispose waste created at home.

One of the organisers, Zaheera Sibda Laher says that most people don’t think too much about the garbage they produce every day.

“There is an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude towards garbage as soon as it reaches the garbage bin. At the community level, a similar attitude is found. Waste management is an issue that doesn’t make the agenda until it reaches a crisis level.”

Laher adds that with the way things are going, community’s will suddenly find it has too much garbage and seemingly nowhere to put it.

“Of course, the waste industry tell us that there always will be some place to put it, but the solution is that we need to produce less garbage.”

Laher affirmed that the community needs to implement public space recycling programs which will help boost recycling rates and the recycling industry.

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Vision Tactical – Private Security Company Vision Tactical received the ‘Special Contribution Award’ at the annual Gauteng Provincial Tracker Connect Awards.

The event took place in Krugersdorp on Friday.

In attendance were stakeholders representing various law enforcement agencies.

The ceremony sought to award major role players who have made a significant impact on the recovery of stolen and hijacked vehicles while also fighting crime in the province.

Vision Tactical’s Director Yaseen Theba says that the award is a recognition of the work being done on the ground.

“These coveted awards are testament to the service excellence for which Vision Tactical is renowned for, working together with our partners Tracker Connect has really been a successful and positive journey thus far.”

Theba adds that receiving this award would not have been possible without Vision Tactical’s passionate and dedicated staff.

“We would like to commend each and every one in the team for continually going above and beyond the call of duty to keep our communities safe.”


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Two suspects linked to a spate of armed robberies and car hijacking incidents were shot and killed in a shoot-out with police in Johannesburg South.

The police’s Captain Kay Makhubela said officers spotted a suspicious Nissan X-Trail driving from Crown Mines in the direction of Ormonde, south of Johannesburg at about 2pm on Tuesday.

When officers attempted to pull the vehicle over, the suspects drove off, leading to a high-speed chase.

Makhubela added that a shoot-out ensued between the armed suspects and law enforcement.

“The suspects disembarked the vehicle, ran off and continued firing shots.”

Two armed suspects were subsequently killed while a third was arrested.

Vision Tactical together with other law enforcement officials recovered five firearms – three rifles and two handguns – and ammunition.

A police hand radio and other items were also recovered.

Makhubela confirmed that the grey Nissan X-Trail was stolen in August in Mayfair.

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It’s the school holiday period for some. This means kids will be at home while many parents will be at work during the day. But being away from your children doesn’t mean you can’t ensure their safety.

Here are eight tips to help keep your children safe during the school holidays:

Get a trustworthy adult supervisor

Don’t leave your children alone in the house and think they are safe just because the house is locked.

Always make sure there is an adult you trust who can supervise them. If it means you have to pay the person to look after them, do so. It’s better to pay and ensure your children are safe than to risk their safety.

Don’t leave your children under the supervision of other children.

It is always advisable and best to get an older, more responsible person to look after your children when you are not available.

Don’t allow them to wander off on their own.

It’s not wise to trust that your kids are safe if you don’t know where they are. So, don’t allow them to wander off on their own unless you are sure there is someone who can keep an eye on them.




Vision Tactical – 

Following an intense week of unrest in Johannesburg, thousands of protesters took  to the streets yet again on Sunday, looting shops in Johannesburgs CBD, Hillbrow, Maboneng and Jeppestown.

In the line of fire was Masjid Himayatul Islam, situated in Nugget Street, reports emerged that a petrol bomb was hurled at the gate of the place of worship just before the sunset prayers, fortunately no one was hurt.

At this stage it’s unclear whether the Mosque was targeted by protestors or not.

Two suspects were apprehended by private security company FASDA and have been taken to the Johannesburg Central Police Station.

South African Police Service officials are on scene and investigations continue.

Police officers have been deployed in areas affected by the protests.


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Four suspected thieves operating in Houghton and surrounding areas were chased and apprehended by Vision Tactical’s Intervention Units.

Analytical cameras in the area monitored the chase remotely and dispatched additional Intervention Units to the scene immediately.

Stolen batteries were found in the suspects’ car together with tools used by criminals in house break-ins.

Johannesburg Metro Police Department officials arrested the four suspects and took them to Hillbrow Police Station where they will be held in police custody.


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Six suspects were arrested on Tuesday night for looting a student’s residence in Jeppestown.

It’s believed that the suspects lived next door, and were the actual neighbors of the students.

South African Police Service officials and Gauteng Traffic Police’s Saturation Unit together with Vision Tactical’s Intervention Unit tactically extracted the suspects who were hiding inside the student’s residence.

Following relentless and violent protests in recent days where several businesses were attacked, looted and burn, lawless looters began targeting houses in various hotspots.

Meanwhile, EWN is reporting that Jeppestown residents have criticised Police Minister Bheki Cele for not coming up with a solution to their concerns about foreign nationals and drugs.

Vision Tactical – 

The situation is deteriorating quite rapidly in Johannesburg’s CBD following a full day of violent protests and looting.

At this stage, an exact reason for the protests is unclear.

The situation remains on edge with police, JMPD and private security trying to bring some sort of stability.

Looting has been reported in a number of areas including Jeppestown, Malvern and Mayfair.

Police Minister Bheki Cele described the situation in the Johannesburg CBD as a national emergency and says additional forces will be deployed to the area.

Vision Tactical has already deployed additional Intervention Unit Vehicles and tactical response officials in the area to assist JMPD and SAPS officials.

Vision Tactical Units are on scene in the Joburg CBD.


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The community of Ward 58 together with Vision Tactical, Vision Tactical’s Green Team, the Gauteng Province and other affiliates held its first successful voluntary clean-up on Sunday.

The state of areas like Fordsburg, Mayfair and surrounds is in dire need of immediate intervention to ensure the quality of the environment is improved.

Uncle Ricky, a local community stalwart and organizer of the #SpringDayCommunityCleanUp told Vision Tactical that he was heartened to see so many residents coming out in their numbers to help transform Ward 58 into a clean suburb we can all be proud of.

“I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all residents who took part in today’s activities whether at your local park, throughout your ward or just in your street. Every effort counts.”

Uncle Ricky also stated the intention to host clean-up events for the next six months and then go back to the drawing board to ensure the areas stay clean.

Vision Tactical Director Yaseen Theba says that we all have a responsibility to keep our environment clean and our collective ability to bring change to the City is pivotal moving forward.

“By all of us working together to clean our City, we can build a Johannesburg future generation can be proud of.”

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