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A massive spike in cash-in-transit robberies since the beginning of 2020 shows that the cat-and-mouse game between the police and robbers is picking up again.

This according to Dr Johan Burger, who is a consultant at the justice and violence prevention programme at the Institute for Security Studies.

According to the acting CEO of the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (Sabric), Susan Potgieter, 45 cases of cash-in-transit incidents have been reported countrywide since the beginning of the year.

Gauteng has recorded the highest number, with 26 reported incidents.

In addition to the increase in robberies, the violence associated with the crime had also escalated, said Burger.

On February 11, for example, a security guard was shot in the face during a cash-in-transit robbery on Modderfontein Road in Kempton Park, News24 reported.

According to Burger, figures relating to cash-in-transit crimes have shown a “seesaw effect” over the past years.

“This stems directly from the police’s reaction to those crimes and their collaboration with the cash transport industry, as well as Sabric. When they achieve successes, the figures come down, but then we see a rise again.”

Incidents fell by 70%

“For example, in 2006/07 there were 467 cash-in-transit heists. There were many guards who lost their lives. In one incident, two guards were burnt alive in their van. The police then started to work closely with the cash transport industry and Sabric, and they shared information and resources. By working together effectively, by 2016, the number of heists fell by 70% to 137 incidents.”

But, said Burger, in 2017/18 the figure rose again by 57% to 238 incidents.

“The police, the industry and Sabric again intensified their efforts and had huge successes and made many arrests, bringing the figure down again by 23% in 2018/19.”

Looking at the current situation, Burger said it was alarming that there appeared to be a new spike.

“It’s clear from the current figures that there is an increase in attacks and, even more worrying, the level of violence employed during these attacks is also increasing.”

Very worried

“Thirty-five incidents in less than two months is problematic. If one was to project that figure to the rest of the year, it is quite terrifying. I am very worried.”

Burger said the increase could be attributed to new syndicates that have started operating.

“Large amounts of cash will always attract criminals. Most of these vans carry millions and this makes them an attractive target.

“The [robbers] might seem to think that the police have shifted their attention elsewhere and that there are more opportunities for them to attack these vans. It’s all about action and reaction. When there is a reaction by the police, they get the results. But when the police turn their attention to other crimes, these guys move in again.

“Remember, these robbers are professionals. They do their homework, they plan their heists thoroughly, and after three or four heists, these guys are multimillionaires. They can therefore afford to go into hiding for a while.

“The police have so many crimes to prioritise and they can’t be everywhere at once. So, when their attention shifts to other crimes, the crooks take advantage of the situation. It’s a cat-and-mouse game that these guys are playing with the police.”

Burger added that more successful crime intelligence could help curb the problem.

Vision Tactical –

In view of the high levels of crime and violence being experienced by communities, the Proactive Crime Prevention Operation began on Friday night at 7pm and will end at 7pm on Sunday night.

Crime affects the quality of life of every South African. Reducing crime and building safer communities require the commitment of everyone and require the implementation of crime prevention initiatives at a community level.

Thus, Vision Tactical have 6 dedicated shifts during this Proactive Crime Operation, to assist the South African Police Service and the Johannesburg Metro Police Department root out criminal elements from our neighborhoods, putting an immediate stop to any criminal activity taking place.

All Intervention units are active and mobile throughout the 48HR Operation, backed up by the Mobile Command Unit & S.W.A.T.

Our partners Tracker SA and ER24 on standby for the entire 48HR Proactive Operation within the City of Joburg.

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Planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day this Friday?

Here are some tips from Vision Tactical to make sure your day isn’t spoiled by crime.

If you are going out, ensure that all doors and windows of the house are locked and the alarm activated.

Leave expensive jewellery and watches locked away at home.

Devious criminals are scouting restaurants to identify their victims with expensive watches and jewellery.

Keep handbags, cellphones and vehicle keys under your direct control at the restaurant.

Criminals are deterred when vehicles are parked in clearly visible public spots. Well-lit parking spots close to CCTV cameras or security guards are all sensible options.

When leaving the restaurant, check that you are not followed home.

Make sure that there is no vehicle behind you or somebody hiding close to your driveway before opening the gate.


Vision Tactical –

Security company, Vision Tactical Armed Response, Intervention & Tactical Units responded to reports of a robbery in progress in Killarney on Tuesday.

Communications Manager for the company Mohamed Ameen Dabhelia said, “Our guards who are stationed in Killarney pressed multiple panic [buttons] when they witnessed a robbery in the area. Our supervising armed response officers responded to the call and our Intervention Units swiftly attended to the area.”

Dabhelia added that three suspects stole a cell phone and attempted to get away on foot, however, two of the company’s Tactical Officers were already on scene and they swiftly apprehended the suspects.

Dabhelia said that the Private Security company received reports that the same suspects were using the exact same vehicle in Parktown and surrounding areas to commit crimes as well.

Spokesperson for the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD), Wayne Minaar said the JMPD K9 unit came to assist the security company and transported the suspects to Hillbrow Police Station.

Sergeant Nduduzo Zondo from Hillbrow Police Station was unavailable for comment at the time of publishing. The story will be updated once more information becomes available.

JMPD have publicly requested victims that might recognize the suspects or the vehcile in other incidents to please contact Hillbrow detectives with their case numbers.

[Rosebank Killarney Gazzette]

Vision Tactical –

Vision Tactical Intervention Units responded to Killarney after receiving multiple panics from our guards on duty and reports that 3 bravo male suspects were stealing phones in the area.

The suspects stole a phone and attempted to escape on foot, however all three suspects were apprehended by our reaction officers and intervention units who were strategically deployed to the area.

Suspects handed over the SAPS for further processing.

Vision Tactical –

Crime affects us all.

But recent surveys released by Statistics SA (Stats SA) shows that a number of crimes go unreported in the country.

The survey shows that the most common crime experienced by South Africans is housebreaking and home robbery.

You, as a South African can turn the tide on crime If you report any criminal activity that you’re aware of.

Private Security company Vision Tactical has urged residents to report crime incidents they experience or witness immediately.

Director Yaseen Theba says that people can report a crime that has already happened at their nearest police station.

“In an emergency, call the emergency police telephone number 10111 from a landline,  or 112 from a cell phone it’s important to keep this list of emergency numbers close by for easy access.”

Theba adds that you can report it anonymously to the police on the Crime-stop tip-off line 086 00 10111.

What happens when YOU report a case to the police?

  • When you report a crime at your local police station, a police officer will assist you.
  • A police officer will interview you and take a statement from you.
  • A police officer will open a case docket, and the police will investigate the crime.
  • If police officers attend the crime scene they’ll take a statement from you and witnesses.
  • A police officer will register the case on the SAPS Crime Administration System (CAS) at the police station.
  • You’ll receive a CAS number via SMS or telephone that will serve as your reference number for future enquiries regarding the criminal case.
  • The completed case docket is allocated to a police detective who’ll carry out the investigation.
  • Depending on the investigation, the police will arrest the suspects and an attorney will present the case to the courts for prosecution.
  • The detective will inform you of any progress, including the date to attend the court hearings

This service is provided to any person who is a victim of crime.  To report a crime is free of charge and all the necessary documentation will be completed by a police official.

Listen below and hear how crime is affecting South Africans: