48 Hour Proactive Crime Prevention Operation, North of JHB

Vision Tactical –

In view of the high levels of crime and violence being experienced by communities, the Proactive Crime Prevention Operation began on Friday night at 7pm and will end at 7pm on Sunday night.

Crime affects the quality of life of every South African. Reducing crime and building safer communities require the commitment of everyone and require the implementation of crime prevention initiatives at a community level.

Thus, Vision Tactical have 6 dedicated shifts during this Proactive Crime Operation, to assist the South African Police Service and the Johannesburg Metro Police Department root out criminal elements from our neighborhoods, putting an immediate stop to any criminal activity taking place.

All Intervention units are active and mobile throughout the 48HR Operation, backed up by the Mobile Command Unit & S.W.A.T.

Our partners Tracker SA and ER24 on standby for the entire 48HR Proactive Operation within the City of Joburg.

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