PRIVATE SECURITY sector bids farewell to Lieutenant General Elias Mawela


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January 30, 2024

PRIVATE SECURITY sector bids farewell to Lieutenant General Elias Mawela

Johannesburg, January 30, 2024 – Members of the E2 initiave hosted a retirement ceremony in honour of Lieutenant General Elias Mawela, the distinguished Gauteng Provincial Commissioner of the SAPS, in Houghton. The event celebrated Lt. Gen. Mawela’s illustrious tenure in law enforcement and his unwavering commitment to fostering collaborative efforts across diverse sectors for the betterment of public service.

This prestigious event brought together high-ranking officials from the SAPS, various law enforcement agencies, and esteemed figures from the private security industry. The collective aim was to pay tribute to Lt. Gen. Mawela’s remarkable contributions towards enhancing public safety and reducing crime, notably through his pivotal roles in Operation Shanela and Operation Okae Molao.

Lt. Gen. Mawela’s career stands as a beacon of excellence, characterised by his steadfast dedication to duty, his relentless pursuit of community safety, and his successful efforts in unifying different sectors to combat crime effectively. His strategy, which underscored the importance of a comprehensive and cooperative approach, has established a valuable model for future synergies between law enforcement and private security sectors.

The ceremony featured poignant addresses from various dignitaries, who shared both personal and professional reflections on Lt. Gen. Mawela’s significant influence on crime management in Gauteng and the broader law enforcement community.

Yaseen Theba, Director of Vision Tactical, remarked, “We extend our profound gratitude to Lt. Gen. Mawela for his dedicated service and for exemplifying the pinnacle of excellence in our shared mission to ensure a safer society. His enduring influence will continue to be a cornerstone in our collective efforts to safeguard our communities.”

In bidding farewell to Lt. Gen. Mawela, Vision Tactical renews its pledge to uphold the high standards he set in the realm of public safety. Our company is committed to sustaining a close collaboration with SAPS and other security agencies, with the paramount goal of ensuring the safety and security of our communities.

About Vision Tactical:

Vision Tactical stands at the forefront of private security, offering advanced and comprehensive security solutions. Our proactive approach and robust partnerships with law enforcement agencies are hallmarks of our commitment to excellence in security services.

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