Sanco calls for intensified action against crime syndicates

Cape Town – The South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) on Sunday called for action against crime syndicates to be intensified.

This followed the recent raid on “a vast underground Cape Flats bunker” in Cape Town that netted at least 250 illegal guns, ammunition, and an undisclosed amount of cash, Sanco national spokesperson Jabu Mahlangu said in a statement

“We applaud police for the breakthrough which has dealt a serious blow to the drug trade, gangsterism, and the scourge of violent crime, as well as other illegal activities that have infested the Cape Flats communities,” he said.

That criminal operation “could not have survived without involvement of corrupt police”.

“We hope that further investigations will shed light as to the origin of the weapons as well as unmask those who are part of the syndicate and those who benefited from turning a blind eye to its activities,” Mahlangu said.

 He commended community members for the tip-off that led to the arrest of four people.

“The angry reaction from some quarters in the Valhalla Park community is not surprising because criminal syndicates insulate themselves by either threatening into submission to a gang-culture those in their neighbourhood, buying protection, or dispensing drug benefits and dependency that endear them to those close to them to ensure their survival.”

More arrests and a clampdown on crime syndicates would restore public confidence in policing, Mahlangu said.