JOHANNESBURG – Striking Pikitup workers affiliated to the South African Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu) say they will continue their unprotected strike this morning, despite a threat by management to dismiss those who don’t arrive for work today.

Municipal workers are entering their third day of protests, demanding better salaries for those who earn R6,000 a month.

Some employees who have been going to work have been intimidated and fear for their safety.

Samwu’s Paul Tlhabang believes Pikitup management is not committed to resolving the strike and bosses are in fact running away from their responsibilities.

“On the issue, whether we are inside or outside, the conditions still remain the same and the economic situation is even worse now.”

Rival union Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union’s (Imatu) Keith Swanepoel says its members are not part of the unprotected strike and have been intimidated.

“It’s only good for the community that our members are able to do their work. We would like to see our members doing work that they’re being paid for.”

The City of Johannesburg says Pikitup operations have still not completely recovered from a two week long illegal strike in December and it will therefore take strong action to stop any more unprotected work stoppages.


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