Residential, Commercial & Corporate

Vision Tactical provides tailored manned guarding services for the Residential, Commercial as well as Corporate sectors. This provides clients throughout Johannesburg with personal, pro-active protection against theft, vandalism as well as other site related crimes.

Clients choosing our manned guarding options receive reassurance of knowing that we will truly work with them to develop their best solution. For every project, we begin by undertaking a thorough on-site survey. This helps us understand each location as well as allows us to configure the most effective protection. A health and safety assessment, as well as site instructions, are also prepared in conjunction with our clients’ needs and specific requests.

All of our officers are carefully screened. They are also trained and adhere strictly to the requirements of Guarding and Mobile Patrol Service. Once on site, our officers will check your buildings inside and out. They also strictly control access by only allowing authorised visitors to enter premises. In addition, they’ll react rapidly to help resolve any crime, fire or security-related incidents in real-time.

A special induction program for all security guards is carried out before commencement:
  • Physical Profile and Presentation
  • Skills and Observation
  • Skills of surveillance & CCTV monitoring
  • Searching Procedures
  • Criminal Procedures Act 51 of 1977 as amended
  • Health and Safety
  • Detailed Report Writing
  • Public Relations
  • Traffic Control

All Armed Guards are trained and in possession of competency certificates as well as undergo regular training and assessments. Training incorporates Tactical, Theoretical as well as Practical exercise.

Mobile Patrol Response Units provides an effective and highly visible deterrent performing specific site checks at random times 24hrs 7 days a week. We provide tailored solutions that are both pro-active (preventative) as well as reactive.

Executive Protection

VISION TACTICAL provides more than “celebrity bodyguard” services. The best VIP protection is advance preparations, timely information, liaison with local authorities, as well as using professionals.

Evidence shows that most people do not like the “mob” effect of protection. Good protective work is seldom seen but always present. Our trained professionals do their homework on venue risk, transportation routes, itinerary integrity, and they are not flustered due to changes. Also, we take into account the style as well as specific needs of the person we’re protecting.

Armed Response and Surveillance

Emergency Medical Care

ER24 LogoReal Help Real Fast

We partnered with experts in the Emergency Medical Car field, ER24 that offer quality medical emergency service solutions to best suit our clients needsER24 owns its fleet of more than 280 Rapid Response Vehicles as well as Ambulances. They operatee a national 24-hour Emergency Contact Centre.

On top of that, ER24 has a comprehensive training facility to conduct medical emergency services training that ranges from first aid to advanced life support coursesTo extend the reach of their services, ER24 contracts with other reputable service providers in outlying areas. This includes helicopter as well as fixed-wing air ambulances in strategically located areas to minimise flight response time.

ER24 is registered with the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF) as well as the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as an Advanced Life Support ambulance service.