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Vision Tactical Plus Mobile App
Following the South African Governments Directive to put the country on a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, Vision Tactical is aware of the many challenges, some unpredictable, that will be faced within the weeks and months ahead for residents and business clients.
Hence, the company launched the latest version of its safety and security application for mobile phone users –

“Vision Tactical Plus”.

To better protect themselves, South Africans have resorted to using all manners of security measures, including their smartphones.
The digitally enhanced app provides Vision Tactical clients with an all in one safety and security solution at their fingertips.
The mobile app is linked to the Vision Tactical Control Room, sending real-time alerts where clients are able to request a range of emergency services.
Director of Vision Tactical, Yaseen Theba says that the latest version of the app will assist clients who find themselves in crisis situations by connecting them to an extensive network of emergency responders, as well as alerting selected friends and family.

“The app provides emergency services with vital information on the person in distress, such as their blood type, medical aid, private security company and next of kin. It then provides exact GPS co-ordinates of the user’s smartphone and directs us how to get there fastest.”

Theba says that Vision Tactical Plus provides an integrated personal safety & security solution, and that the app was re-developed to further enhance the fight against crime which has had devastating consequences for millions of people across various provinces in South Africa.

“Over the past few months, Vision Tactical has worked hand in hand with security and tech experts from around the country, to create a GO – TO smartphone application unlocking potential security solutions for where and when its most needed, in turn, bringing about stability.”

Theba adds that everyone dreams of a society that is at peace with itself, a society ready for a new and prosperous future.
“Through Vision Tactical Plus, this is a possibility.”

Users are able to receive immediate protection via the panic button, access to important information from Vision Tactical, where clients are able to connect with the team in just a few taps and find out more about what’s going on in your community before anyone else.

– Includes new panic button features

– Includes push notifications

– Includes improved security features

– Includes the Vision Tactical Newsfeed

– Includes surveys

– Includes app help and feedback

– Includes contact and travel details for Emergency Medical Services

– Includes all-in-one access to all social media feeds of Vision Tactical