House robber wanted in heist case

Two men from Alex and Pretoria, aged 26 and 27, were remanded in custody by the Alexandra Magistrates’ Court for a house robbery at a Norwood home November last year.

Both were linked to the house robbery through an identity parade. The men allegedly broke into the home at 9.45am and stole a female victim’s gold ring and other items before escaping in a reported stolen BWM. They were arrested hours later by police who pursued their vehicle after it made a quick U-turn to evade a police checkpoint in Marlboro.

When the police closed in on them, the accused allegedly exited the vehicle but were apprehended as they fled on foot. They were taken back to the car but denied escaping from it. The vehicle was searched and found loaded with jammers, a blue light, police radio, four pistols, three R5 rifles and a glove. DNA tests linked the glove to one of them.

One of them was found to be wanted after escaping from an alleged heist committed with others in Germiston last year. That case was heard by the Joburg High Court and was said to have resulted in some police, private security officers and civilians being killed and injured. Also, he was arrested while on bail for another armed house robbery case committed elsewhere.

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