A partnership for a faster better service


HOUGHTON – Vision Tactical partners with ER24 in the north of Johannesburg.


ER24 medical helicopter side by side with a Vision Tactical response vehicle for a better faster service

Vision Tactical Response will now respond to emergencies in Houghton and surrounding areas with ER24 paramedics in tow.

The security company has seven active vehicles that provide a service in and around Houghton, Killarney and Norwood to both clients and non-clients.

“We are taking our service to the next level, making our tactical response unique,” said Yaseen Theba, director at the security company. “By partnering with ER24 we are able to get medical care to the incidents far faster, providing real help, real fast.”

Paramedics will be in response vehicles fully equipped and ready to assess and stabilise patients. Theba said having paramedics in the area would assure not only their clients but the entire community that professional help was on standby.

Saul Behrmann, branch manager at ER24 Johannesburg North branch said, “Partnering with Vision Tactical was seen as another way of ER24 getting more involved with the community.”


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