Vodacom, ER24 partners with lifesaving SMS Emergency Service

Help is now an SMS away as Vodacom for the first time offers an Emergency Text service specifically for the Deaf, hearing and speech impaired: the Vodacom 082 112 SMS Emergency Service. These services include trained Emergency Call Centre agents who will put you in touch with police, paramedics, fire services, sea rescue services and an ambulance to assist you.
The service addresses a serious need that currently exists in the market. Previously, Deaf and hearing impaired persons were unable to contact an emergency service centre as it could only be accessed via voice calls.

ER24 is proud to be the service provider for the Vodacom 112 Emergency Contact Centre. The disability / hearing impaired service was developed by ER24 in conjunction with Mediclinic Southern Africa’s ICT team and Tech Mahindra. We have dedicated and highly skilled staff ready to deal with any emergency. We are proud to be able to be part of this innovation in providing emergency services to Vodacom subscribers.

To register for the service from your Vodacom phone, SMS the word ‘register’ to 082 112. Accept the terms and conditions to indicate your type of disability; deaf, hearing or speech impaired. Your number is now registered, and you are ready to use this service. An Emergency Centre agent will contact you to confirm your name and surname.

ER24, along with Vodacom, is ready to provide realhelprealfast to all Vodacom subscribers.

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