Hijacking and an attempted murder case opened following an incident in Houghton


HOUGHTON – The hijacked vehicle was recovered in Saxonwold shortly after the incident.

A case of hijacking and attempted murder was opened at the Norwood Police Station on 19 November following a shootout on 11th Avenue in Houghton.

A spokesperson for the Norwood Police Station, Captain Elliot Tshivhase said that around noon on 19 November, Trio Team officials were alerted to an incident on 11th Avenue in Houghton where a hijacking had taken place.

“The car was recovered shortly after the incident in Saxonwold. Fortunately, even though shots were fired at the Vision Tactical officers, no one was injured. However, a case of hijacking and attempted murder has been opened. The suspects have not been found but the case is currently under investigation,” said Tshivhase.

Director of Vision Tactical, Yaseen Theba said they were alerted by a member of the public about the four suspects driving a white Jetta who attempted to hijack a white VW Golf on the 11th Avenue bridge in Houghton.

“As our vehicle approached the suspects, they engaged in a shootout,” said Theba. The suspects then allegedly proceeded further down the road and successfully hijacked another vehicle on 11th Avenue, which was later recovered, thanks to Tracker and the Vision Tactical team.

“We want to thank the people who were quick enough to inform us of the incident. We will make every effort to stop these incidents. We regret that no arrests were made.”

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