Shot Hole Borer (Polyphagous Shothole Borer)

7th February 2019

Dear Houghton Resident,

Our magnificent old trees are under attack by an invasive beetle known as the shot hole borer (Polyphagous Shothole borer).

This beetle, which originated in Vietnam, is cutting a massive trail of destruction throughout Johannesburg and the trees of Houghton are dying as a result of this terrible infestation.

Between 100000 and 500000 trees are expected to be lost in the next five years. Can you imagine walking into your garden and finding that your cherished trees have turned to bare dead sticks and can you imagine strolling down the street in this burning heat and there is only an occasional tree left to give you some shade?

Look around you carefully and you will see trees that have already died and trees that have many exposed bare branches, especially Oak, Plane and Maple trees. The very nature of our special suburb will change. This is the reality that we are facing.

Unfortunately dealing with this pest is a complex and difficult matter. There are no easy solutions. The Lower Houghton residents Association (LHRA) is arranging for an expert arborist to speak to us about the problem. He will help us identify

infected trees and do a short walkabout in the suburb to demonstrate the effect of this infestation. He will also discuss treatment options.

When: Saturday, 23rd February

Time: 3pm

Venue: 19 Sixth Avenue Houghton Estate

For extra comfort bring a folding chair. If it is raining the meeting will be held indoors.


Phone No: 087 354 3738

Please RSVP to or sms 082-325-5270 so that we know how many people to expect. If there is a large demand for this information a further meeting will be arranged.

Yours sincerely,

Diane Levine

Tel No: 082-899-1785


Lower Houghton Residents Association (LHRA)

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