Vision Tactical engages stakeholders to develop Crime Prevention Forum

Over the next few days members of Vision Tactical will be engaging stakeholders to develop a framework for the implementation of crime prevention interventions in Joburg, by providing funding to strategically selected projects that contribute to preventing and reducing crime and to increasing knowledge about what works in crime prevention.

Through a network of partnerships, memorandums of understanding, and affiliations including consultations with law enforcement, the forum will address priority crime issues for direct intervention projects that will strengthen community partnership projects.

“All South Africans deserve to feel safe and to have their most fundamental rights protected. That is why it is important for us to work to address the fight against crime as a collective” – Yaseen Theba, Director- Vision Tactical. We know that when we remove barriers to engage and make our communities safe places to live, everyone benefits.”

Vision Tactical has been working on ways to partner with communities and law enforcement to develop collaborative approaches to addressing the community safety concerns of communities for years. This initiative will help devise a roadmap to better understand how we address the concerns we have heard over many years. “We are thankful to the law enforcement entities and partners for their pledge of support, which will help us start to improve safety in communities.”

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