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Dear Vision Tactical Member,
Vision Tactical is creating a safer living, working and studying environment by actively patrolling public spaces, neighbourhoods and member properties. As a member, you have access to additional benefits like EMS and ambulance transport from your premises, and our “meet & greet” service.

How it works: 

You can link your Vision Tactical membership as follows: 

  1. Download Namola and sign up
    (if you haven’t yet)
  2. Open Namola and go to Profile > Link Membership
  3. Choose “Vision Tactical”
  4. Enter your mobile number, then submit

You can do this for each member of your household. Vision Tactical will approve the request within a day, and you’ll get a confirmation message and email. 

Once done, you’ll see the Vision Tactical logo on Namola’s SOS screen whenever you’re within our coverage area. 

Some additional benefits of the Namola app: 

  • It works anywhere in South Africa, in any emergency, 24/7. When you’re outside Johannesburg, Namola will assist through their national network of public emergency services, police, metro, neighbourhood watches and armed responders.
  • Family peace-of-mind, by adding loved ones who will receive emergency alerts.
    You can even live-share locations.

Coming soon from Vision Tactical and Namola: GPS panic buttons and safety watches you and your loved ones can use to request assistance from Vision Tactical. A real game- changer when going outside for work or pleasure.

Click here to WATCH a preview. 

Get in touch with for more information or if you need any help. Yours in safety,

Vision Tactical & Namola 

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