Vision Tactical Green Team collects over 10 000 bags of rubbish across Houghton, Killarney and Norwood

HOUGHTON – The Green Team has met with success, cleaning up areas including Houghton, Killarney and Norwood.

March 30, 2019

The Vision Tactical Green Team has collected more than 10 000 bags of rubbish and rubble across Houghton, Killarney, Norwood and surrounding areas since the launch of their project in January this year.

The community care initiative began in response to complaints of illegal dumping from the community.

Director of Vision Tactical Yaseen Theba said, “Bringing in a team of passionate individuals to clean up and strive towards litter free surroundings, the operation has created job opportunities for the unemployed and also provides these individuals with a sustainable source of income.”

The Green Team currently employs six full-time members and intends to expand this month to employ another three members and take on a second vehicle to expand their reach.

The Green Team wishes to thank Freeway Toyota, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, ER24, Al’s Hardware, the Lower Houghton Residents Association and the Killarney Residents Association for their collaboration and support of the project.

Killarney Rosebank Gazette

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