Is Vision Tactical’s Green Team Doing The Work Of The Municipality?

Vision Tactical Media – Green Team

Vision Tactical Green team’s ethos is that – “looking after our environment will ensure that our environment looks after us.”

For the past few months, Vision Tactical’s environmental initiative has grown leaps and bounds ensuring that Houghton, Norwood, Killarney and surrounds can proudly label itself ‘litter-free zones’ in an attempt to keep the area as clean as possible.

The primary challenge for the Green Team initiative is ensuring that all stakeholders have a common vision for the clean-up project and what is needed.

Where this is not the case, initiatives tend to get bogged down in ongoing disputes about key deliverables which can result in projects being delayed or falling away altogether.

Lending a helping hand is crucial in the metros, especially in Johannesburg, where urbanisation is increasingly resulting in service delivery backlogs, as local governments have the task of addressing these while simultaneously operating within budgetary requirements.

In South Africa, we know the challenges we are faced with on a daily basis and the core issue in most municipalities across South Africa relates to the lack or delay of service delivery.

However, the Green Team in no way looks to replace what the municipality or council is doing, the Green Team was created to assist and supplement clean-up efforts in the Houghton, Killarney and the Norwood area.

Vision Tactical Director and Co-Founder of the Green Team, Yaseen Theba says the reality is that residents, citizens and South Africans need to stop pointing fingers at those trying to make a difference.

“Yes, there are service delivery issues that need to be dealt with, and we find ourselves in a situation where politics is becoming the biggest hurdle that we have to overcome for basic services, some of which are basic rights.”

Theba says that the vision of the Green Team is an opportunity for those wanting to give back to their community.

“People who don’t have any political agendas so that individuals who don’t want any political association can make a difference in an area that they care about, I will say it again, we are tired of pointing fingers and then hope to make a small difference by doing something about the litter, mess, and poor service delivery. We must stop this culture of pointing fingers and blaming others and work towards a society of active citizens.”

Theba adds that people know their history and they ultimately need solutions from leadership to address the service delivery issues.

“The DA councillors blame the ANC government for the mess they inherited, yet they fought for the control and promised solutions. The ANC government blamed the apartheid government for what they inherited, and they also fought for control and promised solutions.

Theba says South Africans are tired of politicians pushing the buck.

“My point is instead of playing the blame game, we must all take responsibility. Herman Mashaba must go into Alexandra and address the needs of the people, instead of blaming the ANC for the mess he inherited. He should use this as an opportunity to address the needs of the people in Alex. People know their history, they need solutions from leadership to address the service delivery issues.”

“I say, Lets ALL work towards to a cleaner, safer, Joburg!”

The Green Team – Keeping it clean…


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