Vision Tactical Units Prepare For A Busy Easter Long Weekend

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The Easter long weekend sees many people spending time away from their home.

What should be a time of fun and spending quality time with the family unfortunately turns into a nightmare for many, forcing almost all South Africans to worry about about their home and possessions during this period.

However, Vision Tactical, a security company in Gauteng are geared up for the busy long weekend and all the challenges that come with it.

Vision Tactical’s units will be on standby to assist the Johannesburg Metro Police Department and the South African Police Service in several joint crime prevention operations to ensure the safety and security of all during the upcoming Easter Weekend.

According to Yaseen Theba, Director of Vision Tactical, Easter weekend has become a prime opportunity for criminals to strike.

“These crimes are not always traditional house break-ins while residents are away but also include driveway hijackings and robberies.”

Theba encourages people to build a genuine trust with their security protection services and neighbours.

“These relationships become handy when one leaves their home during periods such as the Easter long weekend.”

He adds that Vision Tactical understands that customers rely on them to safeguard their homes as well as their businesses.

“Vision Tactical is firmly positioned among the most respected security companies in Johannesburg. We recruit trained specialists with the highest standards and accreditation offering our clients a unique range of security services.”

Here are a few additional tips to help alleviate any security risks to your family and property during the Easter Weekend as well as some road safety tips:

  • Cut back any bush or trees that may offer easy access over walls or gates to your property or provide places for criminals to hide.
  • Inform your neighbours and security provider of your holiday plans so that they can keep an eye on your property.
  • Double check that you have locked and secured all windows and doors before leaving your home.
  • If travelling, obey the rules of the road and carry your driver’s licence with you.
  • Plan the route to your holiday destination and allow enough time to reach the destination – taking into account many road works and delays along the route!
  • Check that your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition before departure.


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