Protecting Yourself Against Hijackings

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Amidst the increase of hijackings in South Africa, it is very important to take note of these crime prevention tips and advice.

When approaching and entering your driveway be extra alert. Switch off the car radio and concentrate on your surroundings.

Remember to stop your vehicle just on the inside of the gate and select reverse whilst waiting for the gate to close. This creates confusion and may buy you a few seconds for the gate to close completely behind you.

Check your driveway and street before you leave or enter your premises.

Make sure your driveway is well lit and clear from shrubbery where perpetrators can hide.

Be aware of vehicles parked close to your address with occupants inside. It might be perpetrators observing the area.

When returning home after dark, ensure that an outside light is on, or have someone meet you at the gate. Check with your armed response company if they are rendering those services.

If at any time you have to open the gate yourself, switch off the vehicle, leave the key in the ignition and close the door. Then open the gate.

Other Situations:

Lock your doors, close your windows and do not have bags or briefcases visible in the vehicle. Use the boot for this. Cell phone should also not be visible.

There are times and days that these items are visible in the vehicle. Try and open the window they might “smash & grab” about 3 cm, so the window can absorb the sudden impact. If you’ve left your stopping distance you may be able to escape.

Be constantly on the lookout for suspicious looking characters or vehicles and do not hesitate to report them to your security company or SAPS.

Night Driving:

If possible, avoid driving in the dark. Hijackers may stage a minor accident, for e.g. If your vehicle is bumped from behind and you do not feel comfortable with the individual involved in the situation, indicate he / she must follow you and drive to the nearest Police Station or any busy public area for help.

Never open your vehicle window or door for any stranger. If a suspicious person is near your unoccupied vehicle, do not approach the vehicle. Walk to the nearest public area and ask for assistance.

If you encounter obstacles in the road, e.g. rocks, tires, do not get out of your vehicle to remove them. Reverse and drive away in the opposite direction.

Information You Should Know:

If your vehicle is hijacked or stolen, promptly report it to the SAPS. Make sure you have the vehicle details: model, colour, vehicle identification and registration numbers available to assist with the recovery of the vehicle.

Remember the direction from which they came and fled, as well as the time and place the incident happened.

Remember to make mental and physical notes immediately after the incident to ensure accurate and detailed information for the police’s investigation.

If Confronted:

Do not lose your temper, threaten or challenge the hijacker.

Do not resist, especially if the hijacker has a weapon. Surrender your vehicle and move away. Try to put as much distance between yourself and the hijacker(s) as speedily as possible.

Do not reach for your purse or valuables. Leave everything in the vehicle.

Try to remain calm at all times and do not show signs of aggression.

Gather As Much Information As Possible Without Posing A Threat.

How many people?

How many firearms and description thereof?

What were the perpetrators wearing (clothing)?

To which direction did they drive off?

Take note of the language they use (the accent).

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