New Vehicle Pound In Joburg On The Cards, Set To Hold 10 000 Vehicles

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A new pound capable of holding around 10,000 vehicles is on the cards to help authorities restore law and order in Johannesburg.

The departments of public safety and economic development on Wednesday welcomed a recent council resolution to purchase land in Denver that is earmarked to be converted into a vehicle impound

The 5ha property will significantly ramp up the size of the city’s pound.

The current pound at Turffontein has space for 740 vehicles at a time.

“This R40m purchase will assist the Johannesburg metro police department (JMPD) to fulfill their mandate of reinstalling law and order in the city through its Buya Mthetho operations,” said a joint statement by economic development MMC Leah Knott and public safety MMC Michael Sun.

There should be more traffic officers on the country’s roads, their employment conditions should be improved and they should be on the roads 24 hours …

“Furthermore, in adherence with legislation JMPD will be able to adequately house all vehicles that have been impounded due to infringements such as illegal parking, un-roadworthiness, illegal dumping and non-compliance of road regulations like drinking and driving.”

The land still needs to be officially signed over to the city and rezoned but the departments said they hoped to break ground with the project in the next year.

“The increase of break-downs as well as additional space means that we can be more visible and effective in impounding vehicles which are in many cases the cause of road accidents and fatalities as well as criminal activities,” said Knott.

The city is planning to add 20 new breakdown vehicles to its existing fleet.

(Source: TimesLive)

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