FAQ’s About Vision Tactical’s Life Saving App!

Vision Tactical –

How will the App Help?

The app is designed to help you in emergency situations. Instead of searching for the correct number to call in an emergency situation and giving exact details of your location, the app will do all this for you. VISION TACTICAL will call the required emergency respondents and will be able to pinpoint your location via live GPS tracking. In stressful situations, it’s easy to activate the panic and let professionals handle the rest.

What if Vision Tactical’s Control room cannot reach you telephonically?

If the VISION TACTICAL control room cannot reach you telephonically once you have activated the panic, we will be able to track your location using live GPS tracking. VISION TACTICAL will dispatch the appropriate emergency response to your location immediately.

What’s an emergency situation or when should you press the panic?

Any emergency situation – from an armed robbery or hijacking, car accident, or fire – any situation in which you need emergency assistance. The VISION TACTICAL Control Room will assist by calling the right respondents immediately – wherever you are nationally.

What’s the price of the App?

The app is completely FREE, once your number is registered on the Vision Tactical database, functionality of the app will be unlocked and you will be able to use the app in an emergency situation.

Is the App using data or GPS in the background?

The app doesn’t use services (such as GPS or data) in the background. It only does so when the app is open and a panic is activated. The VISION TACTICAL control room and staff CANNOT see your details including the location unless a panic is open.

For more information regarding the app contact:

Vision Tactical Communications via email (comms@visiontacticla.co.za) or send a Whatsapp to 074 772 333 3

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