Apartment Safety 101: Tips from Vision Tactical to Keep You & Your Apartment Safe and Secure

Vision Tactical –

  1. Never hesitate to report any suspicious activity you may see in and around your properties. Program numbers into your phone and keep them somewhere visible so you can quickly call for help if needed.  (Vision Tactical Emergency Control 084 222 222 2)
  2. This may seem obvious, but it remains an important tip: NEVER leave your apartment door unlocked, even if you are leaving for a few moments to obtain something from your car, get the mail or take out the trash. Someone lurking nearby could gain access quickly.
  3. Never open your door to a stranger. Require all utility/repair men to provide identification before opening the door, or at security. If still uncertain, look up the telephone number, and call to verify the information.
  4. A well-lit area is one way to deter crime so keep a light on at night if possible. If you notice that a light is out on our property or parking lots, please notify your body corporate.
  5. Do not leave valuable items visible in your home or car. Close your blinds at night and keep your car doors locked and park in well lighted areas if possible.
  6. Get to know your neighbours. Introduce yourself to them, get to know who they are and try look out for each other. If your neighbours know who you are, they are more likely to report possible criminal activity and get some help.
  7. Try to use common area facilities during high-traffic hours.


Vision Tactical Communications

Mobile: 074 772 333 3

Email: comms@visiontactical.co.za

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