Be Considerate, Responsible and Vigilant This Festive Season

Vision Tactical –

Vision Tactical urges all citizens to be safe this festive season and is appealing to everyone to be considerate, responsible and vigilant to ensure their personal safety and that of others.

The end-of-year holidays are traditionally for relaxation and festivities.

However, Director of Vision Tactical Yaseen Theba says that it’s also a time when complacency seems to set in and criminals became opportunistic.

“This is also a period when there is a greater tendency of abuse of alcohol and drugs, ultimately resulting in the abuse of women, children and other vulnerable groups, aggravated robberies, assaults and an increase in carnage on our roads.”

Theba adds that additional Vision Tactical units will be on the ground to assist police and the Johannesburg Metro Police Department to remain committed in ensuring that people are safe and secure.

Vision Tactical Emergency Control: 084 222 222 2

ER24 Ambulance Services: 084 124

City of Joburg Emergency Number for fire, ambulance and JMPD: 107


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