The War On Our Roads Starts & Ends With You & I – Transport Min Fikile Mbalula

Vision Tactical –

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula launched the festive season safety campaign in Johannesburg on Monday.

Mbalula joined Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) chief David Tembe during a roadblock on the M2 Crown Interchange.

Minister Mbalula says that the JMPD is fully equipped to handle lawless road users.

“There is nowhere to run, illegal drivers, unroadworthy vehicles, remember that you are all surrounded, so don’t drink and drive, and let’s arrive alive.”

Mbalula adds that the JMPD is leading from the front.

“As the Minister of Transport I am very happy and elated by the efforts of our police officers and the council of Johannesburg for the investment in law enforcement.”

JMPD spokesperson chief superintendent Wayne Minnaar told Vision Tactical that the focus of the campaign will be to address unroadworthy vehicles, drunk driving, and bad driving behaviour.

“This will happen through effective law enforcement and visible policing to encourage motorists to obey road rules, and in this way, reduce road fatalities this festive season.”

Director of Vision Tactical Yaseen Theba says that it’s encouraging to see law enforcement pro actively addressing road safety issues which has plagued the city.

“More than 1,600 people died on the country’s roads during last year’s December holidays, this statistic is alarming and of great concern.”

Theba adds that Vision Tactical will deploy additional Intervention, S.W.A.T and Tactical Response Unit vehicles on roads during the festive period to assist law enforcement when there is a need.

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