Steps To Be Taken To Address Traffic Concerns In Amalgam, Fordsburg Area

Vision Tactical –

Vision Tactical received several complaints from business owners regarding traffic issues in the Main Reef area of Amalgam & Fordsburg.

On Friday morning, Vision Tactical members engaged with the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) addressing some of the core issues raised, this included severe traffic congestion at intersections especially during peak hour traffic.

According to several business owners in the area, roads and intersections remain gridlocked which pose potential risks to vulnerable motorists including smash & grab incidents, hijackings and other crime related incidents, while also affecting business operations.

Apart from discussing long term solutions to the problems which exist, immediate action will be implemented to ensure traffic congestion is eased in the area.

The JMPD will be dispatching points-man in the area, this will be effective from Friday the 13th of December 2019.

Vision Tactical will be monitoring the implementation and will report back any feedback to the JMPD directly to ensure a long term solution is found to all existing problems.

Business owners can contact the following individuals should they have any concerns or queries:

Muhammad Cajee (Osbro) – 071 081 3763
Yaseen Theba – 064 400 0000

Email: for further details.

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