JMPD Encourages A Good Working Relationship With Private Security Companies

Vision Tactical – 

The Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) say they encourage a good working relationship with private security companies, especially during the festive period.

JMPD Spokesperson Superintendant Wayne Minnaar told Vision Tactical that the relationship is vital in combatting crime within the City of Johannesburg.

“It helps us be there where we do not have officers, so with the security guards they alert and assist and even apprehend criminals where there are no JMPD officers.”

Minnaar has urged those staying in the City of Johannesburg during the festive period to be extra vigilant.

“There is a tendency for an increase in crimes, particularly bag snatching, cellphone theft and that’s why we want to encourage people to carry as little cash as possible with them because it’s the time of year when criminals take advantage of the situation.”

Minnaar adds that all citizens should enjoy themselves, but within the parameters of the law.

“They should do so in a safe manner, and ensure that their safety is the number one priority.”

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