Parents Cautioned Against Posting Pictures of Children’s First Day of School

Vision Tactical –

Parents and guardians have been warned of taking pictures of their children and posting on social media platforms.

Vision Tactical received reports of concern from the public on Wednesday morning, urging parents and guardians to refrain from posting pictures of children with school emblems and logo’s.

Various warnings are being circulating on social media as well as precautionary advice being given.

Director of Vision Tactical, Yaseen Theba says that before you know it, your personal photos can end up somewhere you least expect it to.

“Screen shots, sharing, reposting, can mean these pictures unintentionally end up in places we never imagined.”

Theba adds that excited parents can unknowingly place their children in danger.

“This can happen by posting pictures of their school uniform and giving information of their schools and where the child can be traced to and since there are so many users on social media, and technology moves so quickly, it’s often hard to contain posts that get out.”

Theba Shared A Few Tips On How To Post Photos Of Your Children Safely.

-Avoid Geotagging

There’s no easier way to tell the world where you are, or were, than geotagging.

“Tagging your kids at their school allows those posts to come up in searches, so we advise people not to tag locations.”

-Erase Location Clues

Make sure any sort of personal way of identifying you or your children, such as your address, your kid’s school’s name, or a uniform that might identify what school they go to, is out of sight in any photo you post.

-Limit Your Audience

The easiest and most important step to keep your photos away from strangers who are potential threats is to simply adjust your privacy settings. Make your profiles restrictive or fully private.

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