Safety Tips Around Campus For New & Returning Students

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Campus life is a great experience for most students.

For many, it is the first time away from home and living on their own.  Universities should be a safe place where students can study and make friends without fear for their safety.

However, safety measures must always be taken even in the most secure of environments.

Here are some tips to help keep you and your friends as safe as possible during the academic year

1. Lock All Doors

The Res may feel like a safe place because students are surrounded by friends.  However, that does not mean you or your valuables are ever completely secure. If there is a communal bathroom, lock your room door as you come and go so there are no surprises awaiting you when you get back. Doors should be locked when awake and when sleeping. If someone wants to steal or intrude on your privacy, an unlocked door makes it that much easier.

2. Call Campus Security

Most campuses have patrol cars driving around campus.  If you are at a party and your friends have left, do not be shy about calling campus security for a secure ride back to Res even if it’s just a five minute walk.

3. Have A Plan

It’s always good to let someone know your plans so if you do not come home when expected, someone can call for help.  If you have a close friend or sibling, you can put the find your friends app on both your phones to track each other should you need to.

4. Avoid Being Distracted

When you are texting, you are not paying attention to what is going on around you.  You may not notice the people around you or a car coming in your direction.

8. Be Cautious With Trust

Its easy to feel “safe” amongst friends.  But, you do not really know your friends, their past, or what they are really like.  Do not trust people simply because you go to campus with them.  Like with any new relationship, those around you must earn your trust.

9. Be Social Media Savvy

It’s common for students to post where they are and where they are going on social media.  However, this information is all a stalker needs to show up everywhere you are or will be.  If you want to post your whereabouts, do it after you have left so you do not tell your location to people who should not have it.

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