Cellphone Theft Incidents On The Rise, How Not To Become A Victim

Vision Tactical –

The weekend always proves to be busier periods for our security guards & supervisors… which is why additional deployments are made to hotspot and busier areas during this time!

Vision Tactical have noticed an increase in incidents where cellphones were stolen from pedestrians or those in public, here’s a few tips to prevent cellphone theft:

➡️Conceal your cellphone when you are in a public place.

➡️Never leave your cellphone unattended.

➡️Don’t leave cellphones lying on a seat in your car.

➡️Never leave your cellphone unattended in your office.

➡️If you are forced to leave your cellphone in a bag at, for example, a sporting event, put your phone on silent so that it will not attract any attention from passers-by.

➡️When you are in a public place only answer your cellphone when it is safe to do so.

➡️Avoid getting tricked into lending your cellphone to someone who wants to make a call.

⚠️ If your cellphone is lost or stolen…

⚠️ Report the stolen device to your service provider when you are able to do so.

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