How You Can Turn The Tide On Crime in South Africa

Vision Tactical –

Crime affects us all.

But recent surveys released by Statistics SA (Stats SA) shows that a number of crimes go unreported in the country.

The survey shows that the most common crime experienced by South Africans is housebreaking and home robbery.

You, as a South African can turn the tide on crime If you report any criminal activity that you’re aware of.

Private Security company Vision Tactical has urged residents to report crime incidents they experience or witness immediately.

Director Yaseen Theba says that people can report a crime that has already happened at their nearest police station.

“In an emergency, call the emergency police telephone number 10111 from a landline,  or 112 from a cell phone it’s important to keep this list of emergency numbers close by for easy access.”

Theba adds that you can report it anonymously to the police on the Crime-stop tip-off line 086 00 10111.

What happens when YOU report a case to the police?

  • When you report a crime at your local police station, a police officer will assist you.
  • A police officer will interview you and take a statement from you.
  • A police officer will open a case docket, and the police will investigate the crime.
  • If police officers attend the crime scene they’ll take a statement from you and witnesses.
  • A police officer will register the case on the SAPS Crime Administration System (CAS) at the police station.
  • You’ll receive a CAS number via SMS or telephone that will serve as your reference number for future enquiries regarding the criminal case.
  • The completed case docket is allocated to a police detective who’ll carry out the investigation.
  • Depending on the investigation, the police will arrest the suspects and an attorney will present the case to the courts for prosecution.
  • The detective will inform you of any progress, including the date to attend the court hearings

This service is provided to any person who is a victim of crime.  To report a crime is free of charge and all the necessary documentation will be completed by a police official.

Listen below and hear how crime is affecting South Africans:


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