Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Loved Ones, Safely

Vision Tactical – 

Planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day this Friday?

Here are some tips from Vision Tactical to make sure your day isn’t spoiled by crime.

If you are going out, ensure that all doors and windows of the house are locked and the alarm activated.

Leave expensive jewellery and watches locked away at home.

Devious criminals are scouting restaurants to identify their victims with expensive watches and jewellery.

Keep handbags, cellphones and vehicle keys under your direct control at the restaurant.

Criminals are deterred when vehicles are parked in clearly visible public spots. Well-lit parking spots close to CCTV cameras or security guards are all sensible options.

When leaving the restaurant, check that you are not followed home.

Make sure that there is no vehicle behind you or somebody hiding close to your driveway before opening the gate.


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