Johannesburg Residents Give Essential Service Providers A Standing Ovation During COVID-19 Lockdown

Vision Tactical – 

Residents of various suburbs in  Johannesburg clapped and cheered to show their appreciation for all essential service personnel working during the COVID-19 pandemic over the weekend.

Around the world, people have been encouraged to show their gratitude towards for health-care workers and other essential service providers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Director of Vision Tactical Yaseen Theba says that the experience was incredible and up-lifting.

“There seems to be more and more people every night. People swinging open their windows and clapping and leaning out. People on balconies, it’s just a wonderful response from the whole community.”

Theba adds that the support from residents inspires essential service personnel, including Doctors, Nurses, emergency service officers and law enforcement officials to continue the work they are doing, during a very tough period.

He adds that the next few weeks are vital in ensuring efforts to flatten the curve yields positive results.

“Our units that are deployed 24/7 are engaging in regular Operational COVID-19 Lockdown briefings and will provide response support to SAPS, JMPD and the SANDF. Our Medical partners ER24 is also on standby with us.”

Norwood Resident, XXX says that the residents of Algernon Road in Norwood will be standing at their gates every night at 20:00 for the next 20 days to clap and cheer for all essential workers.

“Docs, Nurses, SAPS, Army, food and medicine drivers, shop assistants and ALL frontline workers risking their own lives for all of us. You, VTAC are of course one of our most important.”

The three week lockdown will be entering its fourth day from Monday, how we confront this national emergency in the coming weeks will make all the difference between life and death for many South Africans.

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