Two Suspects Arrested Following A Shootout On The M1 Highway

Vision Tactical –

Information was received of a group of suspects that will commit armed robberies and other crimes in the Johannesburg area.

Information was that the suspects will be armed and will utilize a Kia Rio with registration number ## ## ## ##, to commit the crimes.

Members were placed into strategic positions on the lookout for the vehicle. Members then spotted the suspect vehicle driving direction on the M1 direction to Sandton.

The members approached the vehicle and chased ensued. The suspects vehicle drove recklessly in an attempt to get away. A shootout ensued. The suspects vehicle crashed into the barrier and came to a standstill. Two suspects were apprehended, one wounded.

Firearms were found and other exhibits.

The Kia Rio was fitted with false registration and established to be sought as per Sandringham CAS. (robbed from owner)

Investigation will continue as these suspects can be linked to many armed robberies & hijackings in the greater Johannesburg area.

All necessary role players were contacted.

LCRC processed the scene for evidence and exhibits found.

The vehicle was taken to the saps pound for safeguarding. The suspect detained at the designated police station.

◼️ Arrests & Seizures:

▪️ Two (2) x suspects were arrested on multiple charges. (one -1 critically wounded)

▪️ Kia Rio seized, sought as Sandringham cas: ###/12/2019.robbed from the owner

▪️ One (1) x unlicensed firearm and ammunition seized.

▪️ Hand-gloves.

▪️ False registration plates.

▪️ Cellphones.

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