SA Aviation Community Brings To Life The Children’s Flight 2020

Vision Tactical – 

The SA Aviation Community together with sponsors and partners brought to life the Children’s Flight 2020, an initiative founded by Felix Gosher with the idea to give less fortunate children a chance to take to the sky.

The special event is being held at the Magaliesburg Flying Club.

Gosher says that during the day, only the best is done to inspire the kids to become anything they want to be when they grow up.

“It’s a community based project in which the best pilots from around the country gather to treat children who have never had the chance to fly before.”

Vision Tactical’s Anees Kara who was in attendance together with our medical partners ER24 says it’s heart-warming to see how many brands and sponsors have come together to treat the kids for a day.

“There’s children from the Nelson Mandela Burns Unit, children who have been through traumatic experiences and abuse and underprivileged orphanages, seeing the smiles of the children is all worth it,” said Kara.

The Children’s Flight event is a heartening demonstration of the great generosity, spirit and enthusiasm of the community at large.

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