Motorists Safety Will Not Be Compromised – Vision Tactical Fills Potholes

Vision Tactical – 

Private Security company Vision Tactical and its Green Team members filled potholes on Johannesburg’s M1 South, this after receiving reports of 26 tyre punctures over one weekend alone.

According to residents and community members from the area, calls were logged with the local municipality for weeks to fix the potholes, however nothing was done. Residents then took to social media to escalate the issue, however, nothing was still being done.

Vision Tactical then tweeted:

The municipality was given until 2pm on Monday afternoon to dispatch a team to ensure the potholes are filled, however nothing was done, this was when the Vision Tactical team mobilised and went out to purchase the materials needed to fill the potholes. The team then went out and got the job done.

Director of Vision Tactical Yaseen Theba said that the safety of the community, residents and motorists alike is the number one priority, horrific incidents do not wait to happen.

Once we opted to focus on the positive that helps the situation & replaced the political negative finger pointing, we will start to see positive results.”

Theba added that what required to be done, got done.

The team has identified other areas which require urgent attention and have prioritised the potholes to be repaired, while also escalating the issues with the relevant departments.

Media Enquiries:

Mohamed Ameen – 074 772 3333 or email

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