Vision Tactical Launches ‘Summer Safe’ Festive Campaign

Vision Tactical – 

Private Security Company Vision Tactical has launched its summer safety campaign to encourage people to make good choices and ensure the season is memorable for all the right reasons.

‘Summer Safe’ is a high-visibility strategy which will focus all of our security resources on intensified crime prevention operations, alcohol-related crime, anti-social behaviour and road safety.

Director of Vision Tactical, Yaseen Theba, said that community engagement and education will also be important elements of ‘Summer Safe’, as well as working closely with local law enforcement agencies to reduce risk of harm, injury and death.

“We hope that people are going to take the responsible approach and we remind the community that safety is the primary priority this summer and festive period.”

Theba adds that the easing of restrictions is not a free pass to break the law.

“We know that people are excited to get out and about to catch up with friends and family as further restrictions are eased in the upcoming weeks and months, but that shouldn’t escalate into anti-social behaviour or other alcohol related crime,” Theba said.

“Our goal this summer is to provide the safest environment possible for people to enjoy themselves and ensure we act swiftly against those who choose to behave unlawfully.”

In addition, there will be an increased presence of South African Police Services, Metro Police Department’s and other law enforcement on the main highways, roads and high influx areas.

Theba stated that the people of South Africa have shown they can come together when times are tough, it’s now time for us to show that we will look out for each other during the good times.

More information about community safety, including crime prevention tips, is available on the Vision Tactical Website:


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