We strongly condemn the intimidation of victims, witnesses, police and those involved in the recent cases.

16th April 2022

Over the past few years Vision Tactical has focused on keeping our clients safe by investing in crime prevention infrastructure, combating strategies, surveillance and we have built partnerships and collaborations with law enforcement, private security and emergency medical services.

Through these collaborations our clients are safer, and its benefited communities with many successful crime prevention campaigns, arrests of suspects and convictions. The kidnappings cases that have traumatized our community has been no different. Our supportive role in the kidnapping cases, has resulted in the rescue and release of victims, arrests of suspects and even ransom funds recovered.

Recent arrests by police and findings have resulted in breakthrough progress with major syndicates and an ongoing investigation will ensure that victims never have to fear being intimidated again. It is our view that whoever benefits from kidnappings for ransom is as guilty as the person that is holding the victim captive. The state is mandated to investigate kidnappings and we will support any police investigation as our commitment to combat the kidnapping syndicates. We have never charged for our services relating to the kidnapping cases and the protection and counseling of the victims.  

We are noting the false posts circulating and our legal team will deal with it in the appropriate forum. The authors of some of these posts have been identified already. The recent fake messages circulating is confirmation that the net is closing in on suspects.

We strongly condemn the intimidation of victims, witnesses, police and those involved in the recent cases.

The message circulated is a clear indicator of the desperation and panic currently gripping the persons that are close to being exposed and arrested. Deflection and confusion is being used by them to avoid being exposed and arrested. The desperation in attempting to create a different and deflective narrative or story is confirmed by the failure, by those the net is closing upon to provide a proper and legitimate telephone number for the WhatsApp groups. In fact, the author/s of the message do not have the conviction and or courage to pen their names to the message and their false allegations and lies. Cowards and hypocrites to say the least.

We have our ears to the ground, and we are engaging with a community that is sick and tired of the crime and the abuse of the positions of power. Corruption and fear mongering will no longer work. It is just a matter of time when their abuse of positions/ titles, corrupt accomplices and pawns will not be able to stop the wheels of Justice. Their identities are known to the police and the clock is ticking.

We challenge the coward authors of these fake messages to come forward and prove your case. We are willing to engage with you and or anyone in an open transparent and constructive forum. In fact, we are ready to engage and interact with any concerned resident irrespective of race, creed or religion and deal with this scourge without fear or favour.

Our commitment to prevent kidnappings will not be distracted by anonymous, malicious personal attacks and false posts.

The positive community messages of concern, support and prayers gives us the strength to continue. We reaffirm that our only intention is to sincerely stop the kidnappings and pray that the Almighty keep all our members safe, keep all the police protected because they face these criminals in court and give strength to the victims, their families and our community.

Stay Safe,



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